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READ ↠ Thief's Covenant ´ ❮Download❯ ➽ Thief's Covenant Author Ari Marmell – Once she was Adrienne Satti An orphan of Davillon she had somehow escaped destitution and climbed to the ranks of the city's aristocracy in a rags to riches story straight from an ancient fairy tale U Once she was Adrienne Satti ADownload Thief's Covenant Author Ari Marmell Once she was Adrienne Satti An orphan of Davillon she had somehow escaped destitution and climbed to the ranks of the city's aristocracy in a rags to riches story straight from an ancient fairy tale U Once she was Adrienne Satti An orphan of Davillon she had somehow escaped destitution and climbed to the ranks of the city's aristocracy in a rags to riches story straight f.

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Rom an ancient fairy tale Until one horrid night when a conspiracy of forces human and other stole it all away in a flurry of blood and murder Today she is Widdershins a thief making her way through Davillon's underbelly with a sharp blade a sharper wit and the mystical aid of Olgun a foreign god with no other worshippers but Widdershins herself It's not a great life certainly nothing compared to the one she once had but it's hersBut now in the midst of Davillon's polit.

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Thief's CovenantIcal turmoil an array of hands are once again rising up against her prepared to tear down all that she's built The City Guard wants her in prison Members of her own Guild want her dead And something horrid something dark something ancient is reaching out for her a past that refuses to let her go Widdershins and Olgun are going to find answers and justice for what happened to her but only if those who almost destroyed her in those years gone by don't finish the job firs.

READ ↠ Thief's Covenant When Ari Marmell has free time left over between feeding cats and posting on social media he writes a little bit His work includes novels short stories role playing games and video games all of which he enjoyed in lieu of school work when growing up He’s the author of the Mick Oberon ganglandurban fantasy series the Widdershins YA fantasy series and many others with publishers such as D.

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  • Choko

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's Covenant 340 This went too fast Very pleasant uickly unfolding young adult adventure fantasy with a young female protagonist I did not even notice the time that passed while I was reading it so this must be good I did have some issues with the changes of time lines and POVs I feel the jumps in time were done to make the story dynamic but at the end it only brought confusion and as a whole it was unnecessary I liked the dialogue and the setting the world building was not uite complete but I am guessing it would grow

  • Gavin

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's CovenantThis was a fun YA fantasy For the most part it was a light and humorous tale full of action mystery and adventure but it also had its dark moments which provided some gravity to the happenings The world building was adeuate without being anything special The setting was reminiscent of 18th century France The main thing that separated it was the presence of a real pantheon of Gods This tale tells the story of Adrienne Satti also known by her thieves guild name of Widdershins She was a street orphan then a thief than a ward of a noble house then a thief again all before she was even 18 years of age Her backstory is told in a series of flashbacks In the now Widdershins is working her regular gigs as a thief when she become caught up in a plot to assassinate the visiting Archbishop She uickly discovers the assassins have a link to some dark mysteries in her own past and that even the God

  • Lindsay

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's CovenantAn entertaining little story with a really interesting main character and premiseWiddershins aka Adrienne Satti aka Madeline Valoi is a thief in the city of Davillon She's only young but she's already lived an adventurous life as a thief then a noblewoman then back to a thief but with the aid of a god Davillon is about to be visited by an Archbishop and the powers that be want the city calm when he arrives Tha

  • Gergana

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's CovenantI deleted this book from my TBR shelf twiceuntil I finally decided to get the Graphic Audio version and get it over with Obviously I expected nothing special out of Thief's Covenant but the cover looked so pretty it was tempting me with its perfection Less than 10% in and I was already in love with the charactersThief's Covenant follows the story of Wi

  • Laurel

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's Covenant45 Stars Thief’s Convenant was a book I purchased when I didn’t know what I wanted to get but my mom was paying for me anyway so I bought it on a whim And for that I am sorry Thief’s Convenant for thinking so lowly of you You are so much than what I’ve read recentlyThis is the story of Widdershins aka Adrienne Satti aka Madeleine Valois aka Sister Elspeth She has a

  • Sarah

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's CovenantThis was a fun and cute book that unfortunately couldn't seem to hold my attention for than a few minutes I did finally get through the end today and I really liked the end So three stars because it was cute and the last 20 pages were 4 stars

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's Covenant35 stars at The BiblioSanctum protagonist in Thief's Covenant is a young woman who wears many masks and goes by many different names Once she was Adrienne Satti an

  • Jacob Proffitt

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's CovenantDark in places funny in others Thief's Covenant is a fun if somewhat flawed ride Adrienne aka Widdershins is as kind as she can afford to be An orphan long on the mean streets of Davillon she has long made her way as a relatively accomplished thief—odd then to find her the last surviving member

  • TheBookSmugglers

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's CovenantFirst ImpressionsAna It is always a pleasure to see a straight up Fantasy novel published for young adults and I was excited when I learnt that Pyr a great adult Fantasy publisher was coming up with an imprint for YA Although I admit I was expecting a bit of oomphage from this title The Thief’s Covenant turned out to be a laid

  • Ferdy

    READ ↠ Thief's Covenant Thief's CovenantThe multiple POV's and the freuent time jumping was frustrating and hard to keep up with I would have preferred it if the timeline didn't jump every chapter and if there had been no than 3 POVs it just got confusing The language used was too descriptive and flowery at times there were also sentences words used that didn't suit the tone of the story like 'poop head' and 'butt'On the plus side Widdershins was a great heroine smart witty strong and daring Her relationship with Genievieve Renard and Olgun were definitely the highlight of the book The banter and tug of war between Bouniard and Widdershins was entertaining There was no