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Apathetic Read ¶ 102 Ï ➽ Apathetic Download ➺ Author Heather Muzik – Citybreakscheap.co.uk At fourteen you shouldn’t have to wish that just once when your mother threatened to kill herself she actually meant it Lindy has already lived a lifetime of cruelty and neglect—a lifetime of tryi At fourteen you shouldn’t have to wish that jusLities and destruction—years lost to anger fear and ultimately resignation Here he remains trapped by Victoria’s sociopathic machinations where each action has a reaction and innocence hangs in the balanceNestled in idyllic suburbia this is the haunting story of a family terrorized and manipulated by the wife and mother who is supposed to love honor nurture and care for them In the Marshall house viciousness reigns and whatever happens never tell a sou.

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Neglect—a lifetime of trying to make herself so small she would be invisible to her mother’s whims Her childhood is long lost to a warped combination of rage and apathy Here she remainsunsure of who she is and scared of what she could become Men are supposed to be strong and powerful abuse is a man’s gameSeventeen years ago Chris Marshall was drawn in by Victoria’s lies and he made her his wife His entire married life has been rife with her infide.

Apathetic Read ¶ 102 After a childhood spent living in various northern states New Jersey for half of that South Jersey exit to be exact she struck out on her own First stop Atlanta Georgia After attending GA Tech to study Industrial Engineering she settled down in a small town outside the city where she has remained ever since She keeps house for one husband two sons and a thankless dog who she adore.

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ApatheticApathetic Download Author Heather Muzik Citybreakscheap.co.uk At fourteen you shouldn’t have to wish that just once when your mother threatened to kill herself she actually meant it Lindy has already lived a lifetime of cruelty and neglect—a lifetime of tryi At fourteen you shouldn’t have to wish that just once when your mother threatened to kill herself she actually meant it Lindy has already lived a lifetime of cruelty and.

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  • Ce Ce

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticI apologize for being the lone dissenterI found Apathetic repetitive Not particularly honest or soulful characters with complex and often contradictory psychology were flat

  • Tara

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticI am so glad I read this book It was hauntingly beautiful and so well written You want to scream at the husband to just beat the snot out of his wife take the kids and leave but as you get deeper into the story you understand why that isn't possible This book sucked me in from the first page cannot wait to read from this author

  • Elaine

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticSelf centered narcissistic Victoria wants to be the center of attention – always What she is losing in age she makes up for in surgery and lewdness She’s angry manipulative spiteful and on top of all that she openly sleeps around and brags about it to her husband She uses her sex after an argument with him as a tool which he always succumbs to Lindy her daughter is a young lady and coming into her own beauty and Victoria will have none of it She views her as competition and accuses her of being a slut when in fact it is she whose body pools out of the top of her bikini or other low cut very revealing man eating apparel Chris father to Lindy and Tess husband to Victoria makes his own contribution to the dysfunctional marriage by putting up with Victoria’s crap and continually falling for her manipulative sexual advances This guy’s ‘no’ doesn’t mean NO He allows her to use him in all formsAt 42% I couldn

  • Kimberly Morghan

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticI read this book through in one setting because I just couldn't put it down It tells the story of a husband and two daughters trying to survive life with a mother who is never than a few minutes from a psychotic blow up The characters are well developed with a husband who takes the abuse because his only concern is protecting his two girls from their mother's wrath a teenage daughter who is trying to protect her little sister's innocence and a lit

  • Kristie Worrell

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticI recently had the opportunity to read Apathetic the newest release by author Heather Muzik Having read Celia's Journey and 2 Days Til Sundae I should tell you how much I was looking forward to it's ebook release In a word awesomeIn a few words creepy crazy and spooky not ghostly spooky but the kind of spooky that haunts your dreams for a while Like Celia's Journey Apathetic closely examines family dynamics this time of the Marshall Family Most people think of men being the abusers of the family Not in this one Chris Marshall is thrown for a loop when his wife Victoria becomes his worst nightmare for him and his two daughters Follow this family through their ordeals with Victoria it's a page turner that you're sure not to forget anytime soon Keep in mind that this book is not happy go lucky like 2 Days til Sundae it is utterly blood curdling and jaw dropping at times Be prepared

  • Maggie

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticI have read several books by Heather Muzik This is her latest and it was uite different although her voice rings true throughout all of her work She has brought me to tears with Celia's Journey and in 2 Days 'Til Sundae had me giggling Apathetic brought a whole new flush of emotions anger shock and frustration I was moved by the depth of the characters and the emotional turmoil they endure It is a story of manipulation and abuse and like many instances of abuse within families it permeates deeply and continues for years I was drawn in by this story that shakes the foundation of societal norms

  • Brittany

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticI received this book through the First Reads giveaway program on Goodreads This book pulls you in immediately as it examines some rarely spoken of family dynamics in which the abuser of the family is a wife and a mother someone who because of gender alone we see as caring loving not the sociopath she truly is This book in parts will send your jaw plummeting to the ground below Muzik’s talent shines brilliantly from each page; she is able to convey emotions that each character feels in this gut wrenching emotional read

  • Neil

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticThis is not my normal choice of reading material but every so often it does me good to broaden my horizons Maybe this was not the ideal choice of book to do so with There didn't really seem to be any real plot to the book rather it seemed to be a litany of one cruelty after another The characters didn't really seem to have any substance to them either From the various reviews this seems to either be praised or panned with no real middle ground Sadly not one which I would reread at a later stage

  • Jessica Wirth

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticPainfully Beautiful I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book It is dark and definitely an emotionally taxing read but its one of those that will forever stay with you From the very first page the reader is sucked into the twisted diabolical abusive and seductive world of Victoria I would highly recommend this to any adult and encourage you to bump it up to the front of your to read list

  • Greg

    Apathetic Read ¶ 102 ApatheticFirstreads GiveawayThis is a great documentation of the ravaging effects of Borderline Personality Disorder The chaos and unpredictability of the behaviors destroy families and lives Unfortunately most stories don't have such a happy ending This book is not for everyone especially those with unresolved trauma and abuse in their backgrounds Some of the descriptions were stomach turning which speaks to the power of the writing 45 stars