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[Ebook] ➧ Playroom ➭ Frances Fyfield – Kathryn and David are the ideal couple she petite pretty; he dark debonair and gifted But beneath the smooth surface unseen by their envious or admiring friends splinters are beginning to form David sEbook Playroom Frances Fyfield Citybreakscheapcouk Kathryn and David are the ideal couple she petite pretty; he dark debonair and gifted But beneath the smooth surface unseen by their envious or admiring friends splinters are beginning to form David s Kathryn and David are the ideal couple she petite pretty; he dark debonair and gifted But be

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Neath the smooth surface unseen by their envious or admiring friends splinters are beginning to form David suspects one of their two children is not his own for plump and naughty Jeanetta does not conform with the controlled perfection with which he surrounds himself Kathryn struggles to iron out family confrontations and maintain the calm of their lives together But slow

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PlayroomLy things start to slip from her control Bits of jewellery and items of clothing mysteriously go missing David's mood swings become irrational and violent His drive to dominate and order the world he's created intensifies to the point of locking the Playroom door and pocketing the key a move that signals the final route into the chaos that will disrupt their perfect world

reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap Frances HegartyFrances Fyfield is a criminal lawyer who lives in London and in Deal by the sea which is her passion She has won several awards including the CWA Silver Dagger She grew up in rural Derbyshire but spent most of her adult life in London with long intervals in Norfolk and Deal all inspiring places She was educated mostly in convent schools; then studied English at Newcastle University and went on to ualify as a solicitor working for what is now the Crown Prosecution Service thus learning a bit about murder at second hand She also worked for the Metropolitan Police Years later writing became her real vocation She also writes short stories for magazines and radio and is occasionally a contributor to Radio Front Row uote Unuote Night Waves and presenter of Tales from the Stave.

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  • notgettingenough

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap Playroom‘But surely you know in that situation that you don’t have control’ We were talking about abusive relationships this morning and Anna didn’t get it But Anna my dear The whole point of abusive relationships is that the abuser leaves you with this sense just this sense that you do have some control That if you do this or don’t do that or keep your desk neat or cook this not that then everything will be okay They are nice to you sometimes of course Same thing They need you to see that nice is possible see what things are like if you do the right thing? Then I’m nice They need to leave you with a modicum of self respect because if you do hit absolute rock bottom actually they have nothing with which to control you any It’s on my mind to get this down now that I’ve spent a couple of hours talking about it so I tell you a bit of my story because you can only so

  • Erin

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomI'm not sure why I purchased this book or what I expected from it had I read some good reviews? but it was uite odd and very disappointing Here are some marriages with minor league problems orbiting around the sun of dysfunction that is Katherine and David's union Both are uite mad in their own ways and if you are anything like me you'll get uite fed up with all the drama of the neighborhood long before the story comes to its sad yet inevitable end That said if you are feeling blue about y

  • Mystic Miraflores

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomI saw that the other reviewers gave this book 5 stars but I didn't see it as a perfect book 1 The author writes in an odd way Her paragraphs are huge and long There were so many thoughts and subjects smashed into the overlong paragraphs If I had written such long paragraphs in my writing classes in college I would have gotten bad grades for them 2 Twice the author called Mary Katherine's sister Mary ALLENDALE instead of Mary Fox her real name 3 The alternating narration was confusing Sometimes I read a whole page of a new chapter before realizing it was Susan the next door neighbor speaking I think the author should have put the character's name in the chapter heading 4 After nearly 400 pages the book ends on a cliffhanger What happened to David? Is he in jail? Where is Jeremy with Child Protective Services? Did Jeanetta live or die? Is Katherine really pregnant? Will s

  • Laura Floyd

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomThis is not a beach read That was my first mistake The book drew me in with characters who were all fascinatingly flawed showing through their multiple perspectives how each character perceived the others and then how they truly acted and felt beneath the display and deception Slightly than halfway through however the horrible behavior of nearly all the characters began to overwhelm me so that I found myself skimming through much of the last half of the book The shocking climax promised by the dust jacket was the least shocking thing I've ever read; it was the only possible ending for the book the one you saw coming from the very first moment I finished the book feeling slightly abused myself and wishing I could get some of the uglier act

  • Laura

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomThis book enraged me No one talked to each other I wanted to beat Katherine None of the characters were likable The least detestable was MaryDid the little girl die? Ugh

  • Cosette

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomTerrifying I could NOT put this down I wonder if there's a seuel?

  • Lesa Tobiason beach

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomWhat was this?This book reminded me of a story my brother used to tell about a pink ping pong ball He would have a few drinks in him and delightedly launch into this story with little side stories that he made up along the way that had absolutely no relation to this ball It was a flat one dimensional story tod in monotone I'm not uite sure why he told it but su

  • Julie

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomThe Play room by Frances Fyfield OMG this was heart rending I think that's why I finished it so uickly I was literally hurtling towards the end

  • Wanda Hunt

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomIt was a struggle to even finish this bookSpoilers aheadOmgI pride myself on ALWAYS finishing a book no matter how slow going it is but this one really tested me Then I finally get to the end and find you didn't finish the story Did the child live and if so who continued raising her???? What happened to the dad or for that matter the mom??? You left the readers hanging for answers

  • Jan Tweed

    reader ☆ Playroom ☆ citybreakscheap PlayroomDidn't draw my interestVery rarely am I unable to get through a book I deleted this one from my Kindle after muddling through two chapters I couldn't connect with any of the characters and there was no indication of where the story was going no suspense or drama nothing to keep me engaged I normally don't download a book without at least four stars and I'm stymied what others saw in this