❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Ira Author John Robertson – In this insightful analysis highly respected expert John Robertson canvases the entirety of Ira’s rich history from the seminal advances of its Neolithic inhabitants to the aftermath of the AmericanPDF Epub Ira Author John Robertson Citybreakscheapcouk In this insightful analysis highly respected expert John Robertson canvases the entirety of Ira’s rich history from the seminal advances of its Neolithic inhabitants to the aftermath of the American In this insightful analysis highly respected expert John Robertson canvases the entirety of Ira’s rich history from the seminal adva

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Nces of its Neolithic inhabitants to the aftermath of the American led invasion and Ira today Grounded in extensive research this balanced account of a country and its people explores the greatness and grandeur of Ira’s achievements the brutality and magnificence of its ancient empires its contributions to the emergence of the world’s enduring monotheistic faiths and the role the great Arab caliphs of Baghdad played in

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IraThe medieval cultural flowering that contributed so much to the European Renaissance and the eventual rise of the WestFascinating and thought provoking Robertson’s work sheds light on a remarkable story of world history one that has been too often overlooked Wide ranging and extensive in approach it is sure to be greatly appreciated by historians students and all those with an interest in this diverse and enigmatic countr


  • Andrew

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraIra A History by John Robertson is an interesting look at the history of the modern nation state of Ira and the people that resided and conuered its geographic dimensions throughout history The country of Ira is a relatively modern phenomena with the entire region in antiuity and into modern times known as Mesopotamia This region played the role both as the seat of empires such as the Sumerians Assyrians and Babylonians as well as regions of others such as the Persian Greek or Ottoman Empires Baghdad the capital city was the centre of the Abbasid Caliphate and home to some of humanities great scientific and cultural a

  • Ekul

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraEmphasizes the history of Ira up to the fall of the Abbasids Although I would have liked to see on the modern period Robertson points out that he emphasizes this earlier period to argue that Ira has as much an illustrious past as the Greeks Romans Egyptians Persians etc This is a reasonable decision and the author handles the task well

  • Cameron McLachlan

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraI actually give this 3 12 stars This is a synthetic history that details the political and intellectual achievements of the various Irai cultures from the invention of irrigation 5000 years ago to the rise of IS in 2014 On a positive note Robertson is passionate about the contributions of the ancient and medieval Mesopotamian cultures to world history as well as western civilization While I was already familiar with Abbasid Baghdad's status as an intellectual powerhouse I did learn general knowledge about the Babylonian Persian Zoroastrian and sasanidParthian periods I also am partial to this type of large scale or macro history as opposed to biographies so in that sense it was up my alleyHowever there are some reservations about presentism in the overall narrative Specifically Robertson has a habit of comparing events such

  • Tracy

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraI read this because I have a friend from Ira and we often talk about the differences in our country This book made me realize how little I know about Ira I recommend this for everyone

  • Sajith Kumar

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraThe decade after the end of Cold War in 1990 was dominated by events unfolding in the oil rich Kuwait and Ira region of the Middle East Saddam Hussein who was Ira’s dictator president invaded and annexed Kuwait The rest of the world indignantly rose up in unity against Saddam and his forces were routed in a war that lasted only a few weeks However he clung on to power while being a thorn in the flesh of the US Finally in 2003 America moved in decisively with concocted evidence of the presence of weapons of mass destruction WMD in Ira Saddam was dethroned uickly but the effort to hoist a stable alternate administration on

  • Eric James

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraIf you thought the US messed up in Ira first read the history of the past 4000 years of Ira to realize how we messed up on an extraordinarily blissfully ignorant way It seems human civilization will freely repeat the mistakes of the past even when the facts and probable outcomes are fully known It is very sad that Mesopotamia the birthplace of civilization has rarely seen peace

  • Aled Owen-Thomas

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraPoor old Ira has just been shafted by one empire after the next I found the modern history the most interesting but that's not to say that I didn't enjoy the book as a whole

  • Chorvelynne

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraI thoroughly enjoyed reading this I truly gained a newfound respect and gratitude for Mesopotamia and for history itself In addition a much deeper understanding of colonialism and imperialism; and what those have done to the world I live in now There's a lot in this book that can annoy anger and frustrate you but that's history Just take a second to reflect and realise that no one is excluded from history WE are all a part of it and constantly in the process of writing it and of rewriting it too perhaps At times I find it difficult to respond meaningfully to history Usually I play with the idea that history can make our lives better or significantly different than it was before But from what I learned from this

  • Sri Ramesh

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraIt's been about oil since the British first colonized Ira in the 1920s and installed the Hashemite Irai monarchy As late as 1980 even under Saddam seems that Ira was nearly a first world country due to its oil The US raised eyebrows at Saddam when he invaded Iran then Kuwait 1st2nd Gulf Wars then after 911 took him out and replaced him with a Shi'ite ruler who also turned out to be dictatorial all while displacing millions of ethnic Kurds and Sunnis A country that should be as rich as atar and Saudi judging by its oil and gas Mesopotamia a bedrock of early human civilization is modern day Ira but by the looks of it you could never tell An important book for American readers

  • Matthew Griffiths

    FREE TEXT ´ READERÀ JOHN ROBERTSON IraFor a history book that covers the entire sweep of a countries history this does a remarkably good job of giving a lot of detail in such a short space starting from ancient times right the way through to the aftermath of the war in Ira in the early 2000s the author consistently points out how trends that have seemingly always been evident in Ira have shaped that countries' history whether you are looking at Assyrians Mongols or Americans For anyone looking to read a concise well written and endlessly interesting account of a country that has had an outsized importance on world history this really isn't a bad place to start