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❴Download❵ ➵ Glimpses of World History Author Jawaharlal Nehru – Citybreakscheap.co.uk On New Year's Day 1931 Jawaharlal Nehru began a remarkable series of letters on the history of the world to his daughter Indira then thirteen years old Over the next thirty months Nehru wrote nearly tDownload Glimpses of World History Author Jawaharlal Nehru Citybreakscheapcouk On New Year's Day 1931 Jawaharlal Nehru began a remarkable series of letters on the history of the world to his daughter Indira then thirteen years old Over the next thirty months Nehru wrote nearly t On New Year's Day Jawaharlal Nehru began a remarkable series of le

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Had no recourse to reference books or a library Glimpses of World History covers the rise and fall of empires and civilizations from Greece and Rome to China and West Asia; great figures such as Ashoka and Genghis Khan Gandhi and Lenin; wars and revolutions democracies and dictatorshipsGlimpses of World History is a broad coverage of the history of humankind through Nehru's eyes

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Glimpses of World HistoryTters on the history of the world to his daughter Indira then thirteen years old Over the next thirty months Nehru wrote nearly two hundred letters in this series which were later published as Glimpses of World HistoryWith its panoramic sweep and its Glimpses of PDFEPUB ² gripping narrative flow all the remarkable for being written in prison where Nehru

☆ citybreakscheap First prime minister of independent India – Nehru was educated at home and in Britain and became a lawyer in More interested in politics than law he was impressed by Mohandas K Gandhi's approach to Indian independence His close association with the Indian National Congress began in ; in he became Glimpses of PDF/EPUB ² its president presiding over the historic Lahore session that proclaimed.

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  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryGlimpses of World History Jawaharlal Nehru Glimpses of World History a book published by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1942 is a panoramic sweep of the history of humankind It is a collection of 196 letters on world history written from various prisons in British India between 1930–1933 The letters were written to his young daughter Indira and were meant to introduce her to world historyتاریخ نخستین خوانش سال 1974 میلادیدوره سه جلدی نگاهی به تاریخ جهانعنوان نگاهی به تاریخ جهان تاریخ جهان برای برای نوجوانان؛ نویسنده جوا

  • Rahul Nath

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryI really debated with myself on whether to give this 5 stars Which is strange considering I never touch non fiction This huge book was a birthday gift from my mom many years back and all this time it lay in the back of some shelf collecting dust and turning yellow because I simply co

  • Stuti Gurtoo

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryWonderful book Glimpses is a bit of an understatement though It's uite exhaustive and very beautifully explained There is hardly a page of this enormous book that is dull The essays bring out Nehru's interest and understanding of human history culture world affairs and social movements It brings out his idealism h

  • David (דוד)

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryA couple of years ago my personal interest in Current Affairs was blooming out of my appreciation and love for beauty that exists And the I ended up trying to understand what it all is and how I also ended up with a 'why' This paved the way for me to know and understand what had happened before to lead to the now How the forces of history shaped and moulded the present To pursue that this was the book I chose to understand the world history before exposing myself to any other specific histories of any kindJawaharlal Nehru wrote the contents of this book as a set of a hundred and ninety six letters to his daughter Indira while he was in the Central Prison at Naini the District Jail at Bareilly and the District Jail at Dehra Dun from January 1 1931 until August 9 1933 The letters were then published as a book in two volumes in the following two yearsHaving written to his daughter who being of thirteen summers at the time

  • Stephen

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryIn 1930 a man who would later become the first prime minister of India was thrown in jail for a period of two years There removed from his family and regretful that he was forcibly absent from his daughter Indira's life Jawaharlal Nehru labored to impart what wisdom he could through a series of letters Beginning in October 193

  • Smiley

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryComing to recall my remote acuaintance many years ago with its fame in a Thai article on this outstanding “Glimpses of World History” written in captivity due to his struggle for freedom from British colonial rule I have since longed to read it in the original Early in March last year I was delighted to see it on display at the DASA BookCafe in Bangkok that’s the end of my longish search in various bookstores Classified as ‘Non fictionHistory’ at the back cover the book itself with its three line addendum after its title BEING FURTHER LETTERS TO HIS DAUGHTER WRITTEN IN PRISON AND CONTAINING A RAMBLING ACCO

  • May Ling

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistorySummary Everyone should read this book Seriously Top book of this year for me and should be added to every school reading list Written in simple plain language this ties together the entire world in an approachable uniue way ie letters to a beloved niece If history escapes you bc you don't have co

  • Shreya Joshi

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryI read this book because one of my best teachers recommended it to me I must say I enjoyed this book though I conveniently picked other books and procrastinated it at times The reason was the book's format was not very pleasing to the eye Nehru does intend to take you through the beginning of time to the then current political scenario of the world He does it very briefly and ofcourse leaps from one time to another one field to another but by the end gives you a proper panoramic view of the history and politics of the world that matters It was easier for me to read and also comprehend this book for a simple reason that the frame of reference was Indian or Eastern culture values or ideas Being able to see things from this perspective helped me draw my own conclusions better Also I found that Nehru is a socialist in nature meaning his ideologies tend to tilt left All in all I say the

  • Perumal

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryOne of my all time favourites You can't read this book and not be in awe of the man His intellect his education and his language I thought the review in the back of the book summed it up very well Indian children should study glimpses they would learn better history and better English I am not a fan of Nehruvian socialism as it is defined and understood todayand the book convinces me that Nehru would not like the fact that his followers are dogmatic about his economic views Above all Nehru was a rebel the idea that an establishment dogma would exist in his name would be repugnant to him He was a man of his timeand the greatest intell

  • Mansoor Azam

    ☆ citybreakscheap Glimpses of World HistoryPicked up this one randomly may be it was the sheer volume or the glorifying title that attracted me to it But watever it was thankful that i got it and read it Nehru's brilliant intellect deep humanity and lucid style make The Discovery of India essential reading for anyone interested in India both its past and its present and importantly the way it sees the history of the world the view may sound biased to some But to find that the book is actually a combination of letters written by Nehru to his school going daughter in which he attempted to make his daughter pass through different ages of history seemed so sweet and awesome to me fell in love with the book straight away awesome read