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➾ Ravenous Download ➹ Author Eden Summers – Citybreakscheap.co.uk She’s a small town caterer he’s a big city chef but they don’t need a kitchen to make things sizzle Erin McDonald likes her simple life in her small town no drama no fuss no uncertaintyuntil JeSmall town life behind and chase his big city dreams but he’s always regretted leaving Erin behind No woman has ever compared and once he convinces Erin to let him touch her again he’s never going to let her goSparks fly and fires are rekindled but the basic divide still remains what really matters in life — location or love?

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Chef but they don’t need a kitchen to make things sizzle Erin McDonald likes her simple life in her small town no drama no fuss no uncertaintyuntil Jesse Hackett breezes back into town Erin never uite got over how he left for the bright lights of the big city and took her heart with himJesse never regretted his decision to leave

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RavenousRavenous Download Author Eden Summers Citybreakscheapcouk She’s a small town caterer he’s a big city chef but they don’t need a kitchen to make things sizzle Erin McDonald likes her simple life in her small town no drama no fuss no uncertaintyuntil Je She’s a small town caterer he’s a big city

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  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousKitty‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 STARSRavenous was such fun It was filled wi

  • Tina "IRead2Escape"

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousI dub Eden Summers the ueen of novellas It's not easy to fit so much story background personality passion and love in so few pages Not only does Ms Summers accomplish this but she does so in spectacular fashionErin McDonald is getting through each day by putting on a happy face and acting as if she is suffering from a broken heart For the love of god 8

  • ⚜️Trea

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousThis was a short little novella and while entertaining the characters were so stubborn or hurt that they stood in the way of their happiness to the point where I got disgusted with themThe blurb explains the backstory between the 2 characters but outside of that description there is no other history provided and I hadn't read the blurb before opening this story The beginning immediately opens up with their reunion and I was

  • MsRomanticReads

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook Ravenous Ravenous is the sweet romantic story of Erin and Jesse Young love can be a beautiful thing but in their case adulthood brough

  • Shayna

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousPosted Summers is a master at making you fall in love with the amazing characters that she creates Ravenous is a beautiful story about two people who found each other again Erin McDonald never really got over Jesse Hackett After leaving town eight years ago and taking her heart with him Erin never thought Jesse would ever grace her doorstep again Now he's back in town for a little while for his mother's birthday and he is looking gorgeous Th

  • Sam Still Reading

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousAs part of my uest to read authors coming to the Australian Romance Writers conference this year I stumbled upon this sensuous novella Those of you who watch my Instagram would be aware that beyond reading and blogging I like to cook and bake The fact that this story has the heroine as a caterer and the hero as a top class chef made it shoot to the top of my listThe story gets into action straight away no musing or wondering Erin lives in a small country

  • D.G.

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook Ravenous25 starsTo review or not review? This is a conundrum that a lot of reviewers face when deciding what to do with ARCs we didn't like Do we give a bad review to a book we got for free or just abstain from reviewing altogether? As much as it pains me to review in these situations I'm human For realz I feel my first responsibility is to share my feelings honestly So if I read the book and I have something to say I will share i

  • Darkfallen

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousWhat a uick and steamy readErin likes living in her small town with her little catering business with her sister Small town life suits her just fine That is until he highschool sweetheart Jesse comes back in town The flames that burned bright before he left her 8 years ago spark back to life Can she spend time with Jesse without getti

  • Liezel Felix

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousWas asked to do a cover reveal by the author and since I loved Eden Summers’ Hidden Attraction I thought why don’t I read and review this novella while I’m at itIt was a very short read took me about 2 hours tops and I must say for a novella this one sure did pack a punch I found the characters extremely likeable the chemistry and tension between the two was unremarkable Seriously My only regret was it ended too fast I wanted Don’t wor

  • Lauren K

    Ravenous Book Ú ebook RavenousRavenous is a romantic novella by Australian author Eden Summers I haven’t read any of her previous novels but she appears to have uite a few titles out with good reviews from what I could see on Goodreads Ravenous is her first title with Escape Publishing and as it is light and uick that I could read on my kindle it was just what I was looking forSet in the small town of Holbrook in Australia Erin McDonald works in partnership as a caterer with her sister Karen Life is travelling along just fine until her teenage sweetheart Jesse Hackett strolls in one day after 8 years of no contact He’d left her for the city life and become a Chef in Sydney Adamant that she wouldn’t leave her sister or her home town Erin watched Jesse walk away But seeing him walk back into her life creates a sense of ambivalence On the one hand her body reacts with their lingering attr