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SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl ✓ ➥ Unbearable Girl Ebook ➫ Author Julie Camper – Perfection is Dianna Faraday's family motto Unfortunately being the head cheerleader on the honor roll and most popular girl in school isn't perfect enough to save Dianna from her from her father's be Perfection is Dianna Faraday's famiUnbearable Girl Ebook Author Julie Camper Perfection is Dianna Faraday's family motto Unfortunately being the head cheerleader on the honor roll and most popular girl in school isn't perfect enough to save Dianna from her from her father's be Perfection is Dianna Faraday's family motto Unfortunately.


Being the head cheerleader on the honor roll and most popular girl in school isn't perfect enough to save Dianna from her from her father's belt which is the only parenting tool he thinks he needs With the start of th grade and his angry punishments increasing in freuency and intensity she isn't sure she'll make it to th That is until she meets.

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Unbearable GirlLaurie Burns Laurie is the biggest nerd in school wears ugly clothes and annoys everyone around her with her know it all attitude She also has a warm caring heart and opens up her life and her family to Dianna in a moment of crisis Can this weird unusual girl and her eually unusual family be the key to finally finding the love and security she need.

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  • Megzz

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlYou know the feeling you get after reading a book you HAD to finish because you're just curious and you keep hoping SOMETHING is going to make you love it and then wishing you hadn't wasted hours of your life on it That's what I'm feeling right now I'm angry and just plain frustrated Seriously how much drama can one person bear It's not enough that Dianna gets beaten by her father she is also harassed by her coach she is pregnant she is the object of every piece of gossip at school AND she realises she's gay Can you give the girl a breakI have read some pretty heavy coming of age books that I loved the difference is the execution was so good I just didn't care about all the imperfections of the story Unbearable Girl just doesn't work Too many imperfections I couldn't get past despite some potential good writing and sweet charactersFor one thing the pregnancy is absolutely unnecessary Nothing is made of it and in the end we don't even know what she decides to d

  • Mika Buell

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlI couldn't put this book down Unbearable Girl by Julie Camper is than a coming of age story dealing with current issues it's an emotional roller coaster that makes you really evaluate your life and the people you influence dailyTechnology bullying abuse pregnancy and same sex relationships are all incorporated into this moving book I felt a personal connection with the main character on several levels I've spent 29 years of my life trying to work through who my Father thought I should be and who I am I grew up at Minister's daughter Church every time the doors were open often my Father in the pulpit preaching on me or my Mother and how we should be living our lives I was not grounded like my friendsmy punishment was to attend church X amount of days every week when I was in trouble The final strawmy parents found out I was still am bisexual at age 20 My Mother looked at me with tear filled eyes and said; I wish you had been pregnant inst

  • Megan Anderson

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlCan anyone say Glee fanfic Because seriously that's all I could think while I read this book It plays out like the first season of Glee if view spoiler1 Rachel had been on the academic team instead of a musician and 2 uinn had been bi for Rachel hide spoiler

  • Michelle M.

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlDianna Faraday has to handle that any normal high school girl her age She has to live up to her father's expectations or suffer the conseuences Those conseuences are unbearable though and involve her father's belt at an intensity level that no one should ever endure Then Laurie Burns comes into Dianna's life in way that was never expected Laurie and her family show Dianna what the true meaning of family and love really meanGood story that was intense and emotional Unfortunately this very thing is happening out there to some of the young people in our world I couldn't put the book down

  • Nicholas

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlSkip to bottom for the TL;DR peopleThe Good1 Loveable lead characters and good supporting characterDianna has charm and underneath her tough girl exterior is actually very meek from her harsh upbringing She has decent development over the course of the story Ruby and Amy are acceptable support characters with uirky and mostly believable personalities Laurie is an all around enjoyable character who is exceptionally caring which drew me into liking her The rest of the cast were fairly limited in depth but they served their purpose While they aren't deep they are generally diverse2 The story while a bit far fetched is very captivatingIt's a simple story really Girl has problems Confides in others and falls in love wit

  • K. Eller

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlUnbearable girl was truly brilliant work Emotionally charged from the very start it will plunge you right into a masterfully spun Story that weaves you through every twist and turn right alongside the young heroine Dianna while keeping your emotions and curiosity at such a high peak that you just can’t stop turning the pages I found Dianna to be inspiring multi faceted and believable Trying to keep a strong exterior while facing so many obstacles laced with such deep inner turmoil makes emotionally gripping characters that leave you wanting The author has a style of writing that creates instant identification with the heroine Dianna I mean haven’t we all faced some or at least one of these challenges or known someone who has S

  • Suzanne Struthers

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlI'm an avid reader If I can't find anything nearby to read even say during breakfast I'll read the back of cereal boxes And being a bookworm and proud of it I like to consider myself a pretty good gauge of a good writer Julie Camper is uneuivocally a good writer And this novel Unbearable Girl an amazing journey into self discovery and self acceptanceDianna the heroine is haunting At the beginning she is a mess abused both physically and mentally pushing herself too hard in order to please a single step away from hitting a metaphorical wall which could crumble her completely From there her bravery strength of spirit and ultimately her realization that love comes in many forms and sometimes from unexpected but no less marvelous placesThis is a story of a girl's journey from child to adult from unloved to confident from broken to strong Each chapter captivating than the last this is one of those books you j

  • Natsu

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlGreat read The emotions were just flying off the page especially Dianna'sGrowing up in a high control and abusive household thinking that everything that happens there is normal and just Dianna's pompous almighty dad beats her while her mum simply chooses to turn a blind eye Things changed when rumors started to spread and the head cheerleader became a target of the popular kids' brand of humor Enter Laurie school nerd and favourite target for ridicule and bullying Along with her dads Laurie offers to help Dianna and provide her the comfort love and security that a family should to help her healThis story deals with bullying not just from teens but also from adults who should know better It also shows how importa

  • Ian Snellman

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlI never thought a book could manage to be filled with angst and at the same time super sweet This one is though It is a book about appearances about high school and parents and pressure and bullying and I think everyone would get something out of reading this one whether one's the ueen Bee Alfa Male or one from the bullied Nerd Herd it can open your eyes to that maybe just maybe what you see is not what you getAlso although I would think this one one be targeted mostly at teens I think us oldies get a lot out of reading it too high school is far behind but it is good to be reminded of what a hell it can be and importantly Unbearable Girl gives excellent examples of how parents should vs absolutely should not handle the privilege of being parents

  • Sylvia

    SUMMARY Ý Unbearable Girl Unbearable GirlUnbearable Girl is an enduring story that goes beyond teenager angst and into abuse same sex relationships and teen pregnancy I found Dianne to be an exceptionally strong heroine against harsh odds How she was able to maintain a perfect exterior while enduring so much pain was both moving and inspirational With her friendship to Laurie who is in every way her opposite at first she is able to cope and break free of the unfair oppression in her life and experience the true mean