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The Professional Book ó Paperback Ashok Ferrey Sri Lanka Born in Colombo raised in East Africa educated at a Benedictine monastery in the wilds of Sussex Ferrey read Pure Maths at Christ Church Oxford ending up naturally in Brixton converting Victorian houses during the Thatcher YearsHe describes himself as a failed builder indifferent mathematician barman and personal trainer to the rich and infamous Ferrey's Colpett.

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The ProfessionalPDF Epub The Professional By Ashok Ferrey Citybreakscheapcouk Leon The Professional TRAILER HD Mathilda a twelve year old New York girl is living an undesirable life among her half family Her father s The Professional Reviews Metacritic Summary A go for broke th Leon The Professional TRAILER HD Mathilda a twelve year old New York girl is living an undesirable life among her half family Her father s The Professional Reviews Metacritic Summary A go for broke thriller about a professional assassin whose work becomes dangerously personal Calling himself a cleaner the mysterious Leon Reno is New York's top hitman When his next door neighbors are murdered Leon becomes the unwilling guardian of the family's sole survivor year old Mathilda Portman but Mathilda doesn't A go for broke thriller about a professional The Professional film Wikipedia The Professional original title Le Professionnel; French pronunciation lə pʁɔfɛsjɔˈnɛl is a French action thriller directed by French director Georges Lautner starring Jean Paul Belmondo Jean Desailly and Robert Hossein based on the award winning novel Death of a Thin Skinned Animal by Patrick Alexander The film was a wid

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  • Uthpala Dassanayake

    The Professional Book ó Paperback The ProfessionalI’ve read all three previous books by Ashok Ferry and I think “The Professional” is written with confidence than his earlier books It is a moving story The characters do have a depth Yet Ferry is never short with dark humor and very often the satire overtakes the bitter realit

  • Anon

    The Professional Book ó Paperback The ProfessionalI was looking forward to reading this book penned by a renowned Sri Lankan author and shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize Alas this is a bad book There is no other way to say it At times so bad that it was enjoyable to read just to see what ridiculous antics Chamath might get up to next She looked at me liked a monk turned rabid I must say I felt like a rabid monk after finishing the manuscript The protagonist Chamath was self absorbed and paper thin despite his bench pressing The time shifting between past and present added nothing to the story The romances were flat and frankly confusing Elena despite being the key roma

  • Ivy Blues

    The Professional Book ó Paperback The ProfessionalI read his the good little ceylonese girl a collection of the short stories before I read this book and it felt as if that those short stories were connected to this bookFor starters it was in the same time line as Vitamin V and Ola Ola clubThe Kandyan Princess a girl who gets arranged to be married to Chamath who never shows up in the book but you’d find the mother and father of the said girl having the same characteristics as the Kumarihamy and chef de Cabinet in Fidel Sent the Plane in Good little ceylonese girlThe father even seems to be doing the exact same thing the Chef de cabinet was doing in the short story making me think it’s either something author did to on pu

  • Tarique Ejaz

    The Professional Book ó Paperback The ProfessionalAshok Ferrey presents the tale of a simple Sri Lankan trapped in a foreign country with limited prospects and being forced to survive on the scrapes that he could muster from the underbelly of society and similar societal norms that exist With his work permit being kept in the stronghold of the government Chamath is forced read drawn to moonlight as Norton a Professional With his foreign accent fluent command of a foreign language and an exotic appearance he so

  • Rossana Karunaratna

    The Professional Book ó Paperback The ProfessionalAshok's stories have a particular view of the Sri Lankan society This story is all about migrating the expectations here and there the search for a sense of identity when living abroad and the critical phase of going back to the place you left Great characters and fine storytelling I liked it

  • Nazirah Nahar

    The Professional Book ó Paperback The ProfessionalPretty confusing plot to me But enjoyed reading the snapshots of locations around Sri Lanka that was included in the story