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Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear a tale of erotic love between a librarian and a bear for which she won the Governor General's Literary Award for Fiction in From to her death in she corresponded with literary peers and friends such as Hugh MacLennan Robertson Davies Dennis Lee Margaret Atwood Timothy Findley Alice Munro Margaret Laurence Matt Cohen Robert Weaver Graeme Gibson and Some of this correspondence can be found in Dear Hugh Dear Marian The MacLennan Engel Correspondence and Marian Engel Life in Letters After her death in the Writer's Development Trust of Canada instituted the Marian Engel Award which was presented annually to a woman writer in mid career The Engel and Findley Awards are no longer awarded separately but were combined into the new Writers’ Trust Notable Author Award as of .

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  • Miranda Reads

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngShe fcked a bearShe literally fcked a bearNo This isn't some euphemism for a beefy gay man She motherfcking literally fcked a literal bear What The Hell Okay So I'm not a cultured reader I read mostly YA andwellthat's about it BUT I am a reader A layman

  • karen

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian Engfloating because the comments in this thread are killing me dedfirst of all i want to thank bill thompson for sending me this book from canada i also want to thank him specifically for sending me this cover because it is totally hot and i got to upload it onto goodreadscom myself i am now prepared for the customerpatron uestion do y'all have any books where a bear goes down on a lady?? yes yes i do but that's pretty reductive even though the book is only 167 pages long it is on my icky sex shelf only because that is my catch all shelf for incest necrophilia pedophilia and bestialityguess which one this book has the bear turns out to actually be her brother oh taboo no but i'm not censuring the way she writes the sex scenes by calling them icky is the point she writes a sex scene better than stephen king and better than mo

  • Julie

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngHmmm what happens in Canada stays in Canada eh?What is it with you guys up there? Is it the solitude? The aurora borealis? The cold?If I were to

  • Robin

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngO 1976 O Canada O living in the wilderness O sex with a bearDid I just say that? Lemme just re read the line above Yep there it is Sex with a bearGod bless 1976 when a book about a lonely bookish woman who sent up to the northern Ontario wilderness for work has sexy times with a bear wins the Governor General's Award For those who don't know this is Canada's most prestigious literary prize It's like winning the Pulitzer or Man Booker in my country Apparently that year Bear was selected by a jury that included none less than Margaret Laurence Alice Munro and Mordecai Richler What the wha? It's a weird little book to say the least Especially for one in the Canadian Lit Canon Aren't we all supposed to be polite respectable folks? Not a people who have sex with actual animals or celebrate stories about people who do this by bestowing li

  • Michelle

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngI found this in one of those little free libraries I knew nothing about it as I started to read it which was uite a good thing because I would have chucked it back in the bin “Bear” was completely outside of my comfort zone but I am glad that I have read it The writing is beautiful and it illustrates a specific time in history but still feels contemporary today If you want to read this book going in blind is the best approach Otherwise keep reading this reviewSpoilers aheadThe most important thing you need to know about “Bear” is that it’s about a woman who has sex with a bear Not a metaphorical figurative concept within a creature bear a real furry

  • knig

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngIs this a book where a Canadian woman called Lou smears honey on her labia minora and has a black bear lick it off? YesIs this a book where Lou kneads the bear’s testicles and tries to mount the bear’s penis? YesIs this a book where Lou falls in love with a bear? YesDid Marian Engel win the Governor’s General Award for this book? YesIs this book about gratuitous bestiality? NoIs this book about general bestiality then? No Although clearlySo what IS this book about then? Lou is Theresa Dunn’s Looking for Mr Goodbarr’s doppelganger except theres no faithful James waiting in the side wingsNegotiating the treacherous waters of the 1970s emancipation experiment Lou is a a middle aged educated intelligent woman whose life is dissipating in an ennui nous para state of extreme loneliness and unfullfilment whose platitudes of evenness are rippled only by brief se

  • Christina Marie

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngAfter stumbling across this on imgur I feel like it's my duty to read this For research purposes I feel like I'm probably going to regret this decision

  • lark benobi

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngThere is something so formal and restrained and lovely and lonely about this novella Startling things happen sure but in such a matter of fact way that it hardly seems to be out of the ordinary when a human woman somewhat late in the novella begins to find passionate fulfillment in an erotic and increasingly risky relationship with a pet bear I'm overcome with delight at how Marian

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngI read this book in a day then had to spend two days in an attempt to understand it I knew something was up when I innocent reader bought a book on the recommendation of a reader friend who is Canadian and knows what is UP about Canadian lit I read the description about the mousy librarian and her assignment to a tiny island to catalog an estate that has been donated and thought it sounded like something I would really love I noted that it won the Governor General's Literary Prize which is the top prize for literature in Canada So I wasn't expecting the book to take the turn it did I was warned by a private message in Instagram with all sorts of weird emoticons I knew I was headed into a potentially strange territory But still I didn't notice the arm on the bear on the cover I only noticed that later Everything else I say will be a huge spoiler so if you prefer to read withou

  • TK421

    Bear AUTHOR Marian Engel reader à Paperback Bear AUTHOR Marian EngMarian Engel's Governor General's Award winning novel BEAR is a uniue little masterpiece Unfortunately this novel seems to have been forgotten It opens when Lou the main character a librarian is commissioned to catalog and research the life of an eccentric nineteenth century colonel in the wilds of Ontario At first Lou is uncertain she wants to be in such an isolated environment But once she reaches the remote island house and begins her cataloging and research a peace falls upon her What she doesn't uite understand yet is that a bear lives in a shack behind the house Lives might be a stretch of the word for the bear is chained to a wall in the shack In the beginning Lou steers clear of the bear Who wouldn't? But as time passes Lou's bravery increases Even when the local groundskeeper warns Lou of getting too close to the bear she extends her bravery to the point of ultimately releasing the bear breaking the bonds of the chai