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Illusion Gedy she makes a move to New York City for her job hoping to finally start healingThe last thing Zoey ever expects to find is someone she can feel so comfortable and happy with Everything about Harvey draws her attention and she can finally feel herself heal There are times things seem too perfect but she tries not to uestion it much as she holds onto the passion she has for himWhen everything unravels and Zoey is forced to face a truth she can't seem to grasp she has to make a choice to finally move on o

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R stay lost in a world of illusionSometimes life is simple sometimes love is unexpected Sometimes we're exactly where we need to be when we need to be thereThen sometimes everything we thought we knew is just an Illusion This New Adult Contemporary Romance novel contains mature themes graphic sex and language and is recommended for readers in age Please be advised this story also deals with PTSD depression infertility attempted suicide and other very mature situations and is not recommended for all reader

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❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Illusion Author Ashley Beale – What if everything you thought you knew was just an illusion? Everything in Zoey's life was destroyed the day her fiance never made it home from the war Now being a year later and still dealing with tPDF Epub Illusion Author Ashley Beale Citybreakscheapcouk What if everything you thought you knew was just an illusion? Everything in Zoey's life was destroyed the day her fiance never made it home from the war Now being a year later and still dealing with t What if everything you thought you knew was just an illusion? Everything in Zoey's life was destroyed the day her fiance never made it home from the war Now being a year later and still dealing with the horrible tra

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  • ~ Becs ~

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion 35 starsWell it’s actually uite hard to review a book like this without giving away spoilers which would totally ruin this one for you and we don’t want that I really want you all to experience this one just the way the author intends – you have to go in blind not knowing what to expect Go with the flow and just let it happen that’s all I can sayWe begin with Zoey at the funeral of her fiancé who has been killed by an IED and never made it home to allow them

  • Jennifer

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an Honest Review5 Emotionally Packed Stars You were given this life because you're strong enough to live itHarvey Let me start by saying I'm in awe of Ashley Beale  This is my first book by her and it won't be my last  This book touches on some very serious subjects and I have to say the amount of research Ashley must of done for this book is amazing  I learned so many new things regardingdepression PTSD and other topics  This book was an emotionally charged story You will feel every emotion while reading this book I laughed I cried I was pissed I was sad but overall I felt LOVE This story was executed very well  It flowed nicely and it was told in such a way

  • Christina

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewZoey is a recent transplant to New York City from Georgia She is transferred to a new branch office for the publication she works for and she uses the opportunity to make a new start Having lost her fiancé whom she had been with for thirteen years to the war in the Middle East she sets out to heal herself and find happiness away from the things that bring back so many memories Shortly after arriving in New York she meets Harvey He works as a tour guide and is eager to show Zoey all around the city They begin to spend a lot of time together and Zoey uickly finds herself beginning to fall in love with the mysterious Harvey; who always seems to show up at the right time and has never invited her to his house or introduced her to any of his familyis Zoey ready to put her heart on the line? Especially to someone

  • P.L. Jenkins

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion Well i was so excited when i was the very first bloggerreviewer to receive the ARC copy from Ashley and i cant think her enough for it i received it 3 weeks before anyone else and it is set to be released January 10th 2014 Ashley has out done her self again in this novel that will make you not want to put it down and want to stay up all night reading it We get to go a emotional roller coaster with Zoey as she receives the unthinkable news about her fiance as we read we discover that he died and that she needs to learn to live and let go but can she? That is one my friend that you will have to wait to figure out ; I have never experienced this much emotion in one character as i felt the soar pain and tears that she was experience as well as the anger hurt and some wha

  • Sharilyn Dickerson

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion AmazingI literally just finished reading this book and I already know that this book is without a doubt one of my favorite books of all time I came across this author and book when she did a take over on a blog on Facebook She posted a few teasers and such and I one clicked without even reading the synopsis I normally read through reviews before I purchase a book but I didn't with this one I am so glad that I didn't read any because it allowed me to truly experience this book and the story it told As soon as I read the first page I knew this book was going to affect me in so many ways I was drawn into the story and unable to put the book down Some may

  • Lisa Mccarty

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion Mother of holy god this book was excellent I was instantly pulled in from page one This book was inspirational sad happy funny Hell it was a whirlwind of emotions I can't even explain Let me just say wow I did not expect what happened There isn't much that I can say when it comes to describing the book because it would give away too many important details that have to be rea

  • Sum1

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion 4 SOLID STARSI can't summaries this story without giving away anything but what I would say is that it follows the main character's battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after the loss of her Husband Anything that increases awareness of mental health issues gets a huge thumbs up from me and I respect the Author's choice to tackle a sensitive subject in a way that inspires you to find out An interesting read with some great characters

  • Michelle

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion Illusion had me Completely hooked from the Prologue I teared up Ashley Portrays and writes the book so well it is easy to feel what the characters are feeling which in my opinion makes for an amazing book Be prepared to just sit and read it as you will not want to put it down

  • Alison

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion Very disappointed This book had so much potential I never felt the connection with Zoey and any love she had for the men in the book It was la

  • Echo

    IllusionMobi ´ Paperback ↠ Citybreakscheap Illusion Illusion was not what I was expecting it had uite a twist that looking back on it I should have figured out what said twist was but I didn't I am in a state of wow I loved the entire story from the prologue all the way to the last page The writing is beautifully done I really adored this bookWhen the story begins Zoey is at the funeral for her fiancé Kirt It was heartbreaking and so well written and packed such an emotional punch that I was pulled in continuing to read until I reached the very end A year after the death of Kirt Zoey gets a job in New York City in hopes of healing and finding a way to move on with her life she embarks on this new journey On her first day in the city she meets Harvey a local tour guide In a roundabout and slightly serendipitous way her and Harvey continue to connect which propels them into her first relationship since Kirt's deathAlong the way she meets Brice the IT guy at work