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FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential ñ [Reading] ➻ Hockey Confidential By Bob McKenzie – When it comes to hockey Bob McKenzie is one of the most trusted voices in the game No one has the access or the breadth and depth of experience Now in his very first book on the NHL Bob takes readers When it comes to hockey Bob McK[Reading] Hockey Confidential By Bob McKenzie When it comes to hockey Bob McKenzie is one of the most trusted voices in the game No one has the access or the breadth and depth of experience Now in his very first book on the NHL Bob takes readers When it comes to hockey Bob McKenzie is one of the most trusted voices in the game No one has the access or the breadth and depth of experience Now in his very first book on the NHL Bob takes readers behind the scenes covering the inside stories the lesser known personalities and all the events that shape this great gameHockey Confidential is Bob’s all access pass to the NHL In addition to revealing the actual stats that NHL coaches and scouts use Hockey Confidential is also about the value of family within a hockey context An yearold Don Cherry sharing precious moments with his son Tim at the rink; rock star Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip communing with his brothers in a lifelong love affair with the Boston Bruins; the patriarchs of the Subban and Tavares families emigrating from Jamaica and Portu.

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Ey Confidential Inside Stories from People Inside the Game—is actually an apt description Jari Byrski may not be a household hockey name but the fact that he like so many others work with and are well known to so many of the biggest stars and best players in the NHL means you should know them—and their stories—tooHockey Confidential is about than just hockey For Bob McKenzie whose life or less revolves around all things puck there’s plenty here for the hardcore hockey fan John Tavares talking about the essence of scoring goals; Brandon Prust making sense of what it’s really like to give or take punches in a hockey fight; and the colliding worlds of old and new in the growing debate on the place of advanced statistics—or fancystats as many have taken to calling them And yet what Bob also captures in writing this book is an attempt at understanding the grander and universal themes of life and death and the meaning or purpose of our respective journeys and the passion and love that comes from the iceEntertaining and insightful Hockey Confidential is a must for any hockey fan ..


Hockey ConfidentialGal respectively to become household hockey names and raise great Canadian superstars; to say nothing of a teenaged Connor McDavid leaning on his family and support system including the incomparable Bobby Orr to help cope with the pressures of being tabbed as the Next Big Thing in hockey; as well as Sheldon Keefe’s dramatic personal struggle to leave behind a dark and troubled past to become a better man son brother husband father and hockey coachKarl Subban poured out his heart and soul in a long all encompassing interview at a Tim Hortons in Rexdale Ontario; Tyler Dellow and myriad other advanced statistics gurus including the legendary Vic Ferrari made themselves available on numerous occasions to repeatedly explain their craft to a guy who barely escaped Grade math; and Jari Byrski welcomed Bob into his home where his beloved wife died and where he thought seriously about taking his own life—and might have if not for hearing Bob’s voice on television talking about a Steven Stamkos goalJari Byrski Well that’s one of a number of reasons why the full title of the book—Hock.

FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Robert Malcomson Bob McKenzie is a Canadian hockey commentator who has covered ice hockey since joining TSN in Growing up McKenzie was a fan of the hometown Toronto Maple Leafs and his favorite player was Tim HortonMcKenzie provides analysis for NHL on TSN telecasts as well as for international hockey events notably the annual IIHF World U Hockey Championship He also covered the NH.

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  • Bob Mckenzie

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialI liked it but then again I wrote it

  • Brandon

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialWhen Bob McKenzie decided to write his first book about the National Hockey League he chose to do so in a rather unexpected way Rather than write about his years of experience covering the game he shone the spotlight on those who sit outside the game; a select few who through their actions influence the way the game is played and talked about in today’s modern eraThis was an easy book to digest and despite the array of topics I was never overwhelmed with information McKenzie did a great job choosing interesting topics that cover a wide spectrum of the hockey industry Featured are stories about near death experiences Don Cherry’s work with minor hockey the rise of advanced statistics Tragically Hip front man Gord Downie’s love of the Boston Bruins and so much With hockey I’ll never consider myself a hardcore fan of the game I’d like to think I’m a notch above the casual fan and while I do follow it closely I don’t live and die by the day

  • Chris

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialGood collection of true stories about an assortment of Canadians related in some way to the NHL from Karl Subban PK's dad to Connor McDavid to a skating coach

  • Melanie Ting

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialReading this book is like being a kid listening to your dad tell a dirty joke You know you’re missing the juicy parts No wonder hockey players— and Canadians in general—have a reputation for being boring Among the revelations a near death experience leads you to appreciate life getting to the NHL takes hard work The Tragically Hip wrote songs about hockeyThe book’s biggest

  • Geoff

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialIts a 3 star book with a few chapters that are 4 or 5 stars The chapters focusing on the Subban Cherry and Tavares families really stood out for me The chapters covering advanced stats Jari Byrski an elite skatingskills coach and Mark Lindsay chiropractor really enlightened me on some of the things that led to them being such important parts of the game today I got about 5 pages into the story about Connor McDavid before I had to stop since he seemed to be a brattyspoiled kid and I have no problems saying that since he'll never end up on the Leafs Overall this book doesn't really go in depth into behind the scenes stories like the title would suggest but it does tell the story of people who are having a big effect on the hockey world right now I'm sure Bob has many stories so hopefully he'll write another book And he probably will because lets face it I'm

  • Jordan

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialA really interesting collection of hockey stories If you like hockey I guarantee at least a couple of these will catch your fancy

  • Andrew

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialBob McKenzie is often ranked as one of – if not the – best of the modern day hockey writers His book “Hockey Confidential” reflects that It is not a traditional hockey book as the stories it contains are not cookie cutter player biographies or team histories They look at the game and its participants from other anglesFor example the author interviews rising star John Tavares along with his uncle lacrosse superstar John Tavares The two compare and contrast their backgrounds and their chosen sports while looking at their careers from opposite ends of their respective duration Another chapter features an intervie

  • Svea

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialI really went into this book with no expectations in the beginning and while it started off slow rolling for my preference the long haul was most certainly worth it Without having read Hockey Dad first I felt like Bob McKenzie was reading these deeply personal stories about some of the game's most influential people to me the way we hear him on TSN every day Some of the chapters even surprised me with regards to their relevance to hockey most of all the chapter dedicated to Gord Downie I learned so much about a few players who currently represent my favourite NHL team the Montréal Canadiens the pieces of their lives

  • Jarr

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialDecent enough Not the typical sports bio that follows one player or team Wide range of stories that are as entertaining to a new hockey fan as they are to a lifelong fan For the most part they avoid the typical stereotypes of a traditional biography The only thing to keep in mind is that nearly the whole book is focused around Ontario Not that it's a bad thing just something worth noting

  • Yolie

    FREE READ Á Hockey Confidential Hockey ConfidentialRead this specifically for the chapter on Sheldon Keefe and it does a good job of explaining the incredibly toxic relationship between Frost and The uinte Cult Man lots of stuff I didn't know and it certainly presents Keefe on a redemption arc Loved reading about his connection to the Lumber Kings because of my personal connection to Pembroke Good book about hockey and the lore that surrounds it Readable