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➮ [Ebook] ➩ おこさまスター By Kara Aomiya ➺ – 「オレだけに見せないかな、あの顔――」クラスの人気者・本田はヒーローショーの会場でクラスメートの不良・海堂に出くわす。学校では恐れらEbook おこさまスター By Kara Aomiya Citybreakscheapcouk 「オレだけに見せないかな、あの顔――」クラスの人気者・本田はヒーローショーの会場でクラスメートの不良・海堂に出くわす。学校では恐れら 「オレだけに見せないかな、あの顔――」クラスの人気者・本田はヒーローショーの会場でクラスメートの不良・

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Every guy Honda is just as scared of loner Kaidou's blond hair piercings and wild rumors of yakuza connections as the rest of his class but somehow that doesn't stop him from approaching Kaidou when he runs into him at a children's live action event Maybe Kaidou's not as scary as he looks and perhaps Honda's not as inclusive as he thinks he is A sweet tale of mismatched appearances and the desire to monopolizeRelated series Oko sama Box Adapted From

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  • MaDoReader

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターMal no está pero tiene aspectos ue no me han convencido mucho Honda me ha parecido un capullo y el otro un poco sin sangre toooodo el rato con el tembleue uggggEl dibujo me agobiaba por momentos creo ue eso ha sido definitivo para ue no consiguiera engancharme al manga

  • Mayu

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターLa historia trata de dos compañeros de clase ue nunca han hablado el uno con el otro Uno es no y muy sociable y el otro es super introvertido y fuerte y muy rubio y la gente ue piensa ue es parte de los yakuza ■ Podéis leer mi reseña en Seguro ue os gusta Os espero

  • Anna C

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターOMG they're so freaking adorable XDD And the kiss behind the bushes Awwwyouth XDDD

  • Yue

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターSo adorableeeeee It has a nice guy a shy sentai actor who everyone thinks is a yankee while in real life he is truly a sweetheart a blossoming friendship friends to lovers a bit angsty misunderstanding only because guy A is jealous of guy B paying attention to other people instead of him a super clean romance the very first kiss happens behind the bushes ♥ a kiss in the forehead isn't that the sweetest thing ever and what it was a huge and pleasant surprise Sentai RangersAnd it is true Sentai heroes are the cutest

  • Drfoolish

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターI think I instantly fell in love with this manga The characters are an adorable mix of awkward and amusing and the storyline of the boy wanting to become a superhero actor for kids shows perfectly played into the romanceI've re read this thr

  • Daesy

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターDamn they were really cute They fall in love in high school and is their first love At the end of the manga we also see them being older and living together I really liked this couple but i wanted For this i will give 45 stars

  • TiramisuCram

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターLOVE THIS The story is beautiful but the fantastic way the author design all the pages makes it special I was totally hooked by the plot and the characters knowing all the time what they were thinking about Lovely

  • Enya

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターOMG sooo adorbzz ♥

  • Nix Buttons

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターSuch a sweet love story There isn't much I can tell cause I do not want to spoiler It's the kind of story where I go 'awwww ♥'

  • Melanie

    Download Book ☆ おこさまスター É おこさまスターSo cute angsty and fluffy ♥♥♥