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CHARACTERS ✓ CITYBREAKSCHEAP.CO.UK ☆ Leah Lax Ers' League of Texas Discover AwardFinalist Pirate's AlleyPEN Faulkner May Sarton Award Chautauua Prizea Redbook Magazine and Good Housekeeping Best Book of Wordwrite Award for memoir Uncovered is the first memoir to tell of a gay woman leaving the Hasidic fold Told in understate.


REVIEW é Uncovered ↠ [Reading] ➸ Uncovered ➮ Leah Lax – Writers' League of Texas Discover AwardFinalist Pirate's AlleyPEN Faulkner May Sarton Award Chautauua Prizea Redbook Magazine and Good Housekeeping Best Book of 20152016 Wordwrite Award for memoir Unc Writers' League of Texas Discover AwardFinalist Pirate's AlleyP [Reading] Uncovered Leah Lax Writers' League of Texas Discover AwardFinalist Pirate's AlleyPEN Faulkner May Sarton Award Chautauua Prizea Redbook Magazine and Good Housekeeping Best Book of 20152016 Wordwrite Award for memoir Unc Writ.

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UncoveredD crystalline prose Lax begins her story as a young teen leaving her liberal secular home to become a Hasidic Jew then plumbs the nuances of her arranged marriage fundamentalist faith and Hasidic motherhood as her creative sexual and spiritual longings shimmer beneath the surface..

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  • Jan Rice

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredThis is a memoir about a woman's experience as part of a Hasidic Ultra Orthodox Jewish community in Texas I was reading it for the book club driving myself to read a certain number of pages per day and get done

  • Margaret

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredI’ve always been curious to read the memoirs of people who leave a fundamental religious group to join the larger population I wonder about what life is like inside those ultra religious communities I also wonder how a person can come to leave everything she has known So when a GR friend listed this book on her “to read” list I contacted my library and reserved a copy This book differs from the others I’ve read in that the author was not born into a family living in a fundamentalist community Leah Lax was born in Texas to a family which was nominally Jewish but primarily secular She rebelled against her own family not because of their religious laxness no pun intended but because of their severe dysfunction Lax and both her sisters were both abused and neglected In addition to her problematic family situation Lax is also troubled by her own sexual attraction to women She does not then recognize what she is f

  • Jennifer

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredI truly wanted to like this book But ultimately I couldn't because as the story evolved I found that I really don't care for Ms Lax's attitude Initially it seemed as though she had barely been exposed to a Hassidic lifestyle as a woman from Texas who gets swept in by Chabad Much of her early story is reminiscent of a sociology study I read years ago about the different paths to Judaism that different types of women take “Tradition in a Rootless World Women Turn to Orthodox Judaism Tradition in a Rootless World Women Turn to Orthodox Judaism” by Lynn Davidman In her study Davidman sites how young women who might have issues were drawn to Chabad while women who were well grounded professionals were attracted to

  • Story Circle Book Reviews

    REVIEW é Uncovered Uncovered Uncovered How I left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home is a riveting tale of Leah Lax's journey into an ultra Orthodox Jewish sect marriage family and the acknowledgment after years of soul searching and angst that she is a lesbian As a Jewish lesbian myself I couldn't wait to go along with her storyWhat I didn't expect to discover was that she had grown up in Dallas as I had and we both attended the same synagogue although she's a few years older than me and I didn't know her But the familiarity of the story permeated throughout This book was a fascinating glimpse into the world of modern day Hasidism through Leah's eyes Once I started the book I couldn't wait to carve out time to get back as the tale was riveti

  • Betsy Olinger

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredI listened to the audio Compelling and addictive

  • Erline

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredMuch engrossing than I expected Very well written

  • Devorah

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredUncovered is another memoir in the current trend how I left my religion as it seems to appeal to many readers to want reassurance and encouragement In that regard she succeeds in offering others a way out However she does so by dishonest means All outside characters in her world are one dimensional All her Rabbis are emotionless distant somewhat vengeful obsessed with minutiae All the women in her religious world are shrill and covered each one clearly denying their real true urges She evokes constant imagery of faceless nameless masses denying themselves for the sake of the whole never once wondering whether others felt the same way The truth is that many of these memoirs are similar Person from a very broken home searches for order and meaning dives into perhaps the most extreme form of religion that they can find and suashes all attempts at answers a

  • Laura.125Pages

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredOriginal review at www125pagescomI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review4 StarsLeah Lax is the perfect Hasidic woman Teaching young believers and speaking at conferences while raising her seven children some would say her life was ideal But as Leah ages she feels less sure of her place in both her life and her religion Taking control of her future is scary heart wrenching and freeing Learning to become true to herself is the heart of this journeyI was initially unsure of a memoir written by an ex Hasidic Jew as that is a religion that does not seem oppressive to me so I feared it would drag However I am glad I read it Leah’s life as it unfolds from a young college student in an arranged marriage to a strong women who follows her heart is a great journey Diving in

  • Issi

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredThis is largely about the Hasidic religion and way of life It is a powerful book in which Leah Lax tells us about her choices or lack of them as a wife and mother She enters this way of life as a young adult and brings up 7 children before she finally 'sees the light' or comes home as she puts it Completely 'brainwashed' into following all sorts of religious laws including the wearing of a wig long skirts tights and numerous lifestyle restrictions Leah begins to uestion her life but

  • Jennifer

    REVIEW é Uncovered UncoveredLeah's journey led the reader to understand a woman and what plights she may go through The reader learns about Hasidic life through Leah's eyes Learning about Hasidic life doesn't bog down the reader Instead it adds to Leah's journey and makes her life heavy As a woman I could relate to the expectations put upon Leah To me those expectations became burdens on LeahAs a reader I found this book uite readable I enjoyed reading about Leah's life and was happy for her in the endI received a galley of this book on NetGalley for my honest review