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summary Purple Prose 108 » [BOOKS] ✮ Purple Prose ✰ Kate Harrad – WinnerThe Bookbag Non fiction Book of the Month September 2016 Purple Prose Bisexuality in Britain is the first of its kind a book written for and by bisexuals in the UK This accessible collection of WinnerThe Bookbag Non fiction Book of the Month September [BOOKS] Purple Prose Kate Harrad WinnerThe Bookbag Non fiction Book of the Month September 2016 Purple Prose Bisexuality in Britain is the first of its kind a book written for and by bisexuals in the UK This accessible collection of WinnerThe Bookbag Non fiction Book of the Month September Purple Prose Bisexuality in Britain is the firs.

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T of its kind a book written for and by bisexuals in the UK This accessible collection of interviews essays poems and commentary explores topics such as definitions of bisexuality intersections of bisexuality with other identities stereotypes and biphobia being bisexual at work teenage bisexuality and bisexuality through the years the media’s approach to bisexual celebrities and ficti.

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Purple ProseOnal bisexual characters Filled with raw honest first person accounts as well as comments from leading bisexual activists in the UK this is the book you’ll buy for your friend who’s just come out to you as bi curious or for your parents who think your bisexuality is weird or a phase or for yourself because you know you’re bi but you don’t know where to go or what to do about it..

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  • Stewart Horn

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseThe publisher sent me a copy of this book in return for an honest review and having read it in now understand why Purple Prose is a collection of nonfiction writing on bisexuality and related subjects and it’s been an education for me making me reassess my own attitudes and beliefs and wonder whether I have been subtly biphobic without calling it that Each chapter is a collated set of pieces in various formats semi academic essays anecdotes personal accounts opinion pieces even cartoons and graphs where necessary This mix of styles and contributors keeps engaging what could have been dry or preachy The editors have done a good job imparting the necessary information without seeming either to shout at me or whine It begins by defining the term debunking

  • Haley Wynn

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseAn anthology is a collection of written work that pertains to the appropriate subject matter In the case of Purple Prose the general ideas of the book are small inklings that are expanded upon by the voices of Britain's primary bisexual activists The specific issues that Kate Harrad editor chose to include were biphobia bisexual invisibility ignorance towards bisexuality discrimination and sexualization just to name a few examples I found that the vast degree which each topic was elaborated on was acute and did not lack in any way Additionally on a personal note for someone who has undergone an extensive amount of self discovery self development this book will aid to enlighten and perhaps alleviate any worries that you're becoming mental The people that shared their experiences about coming out handling the strains that their sexuality added to their family or dealing with discrimination all appeared to have t

  • Seawood

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseReceived a copy as I backed the crowdfunding for this book Well worth your time if you are human or interact with humans in any way Honestly I think this is a pretty important piece of work for anyone whatever label you prefer and I'd particularly suggest it to educators parents and carers for any age group

  • Sadie Slater

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseI bought a copy of Purple Prose Bisexuality in Britain an anthology edited by Kate Harrad at Nine Worlds a couple of years ago read a couple of the most obviously relevant sections and then tucked it away on a shel

  • Lance

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple Prose How do I talk to you about something that most people think doesn't existSometimes I feel like an empty chalk line on bitumen a once man forever being filled in by other people's expectations and ideasThis book is accessible broad inclusive and undeniably needed in society today The central message that bisexuality is not something that belongs to other people to critiue or assign but an identity experienced by you alone was greatly heartening Right from the first chapter the insightful editors were clear to make their definitions are inclusive and flexible as possible As someone who has personally experienced stereotyping and bi erasure both from the heteronormative and LGBT communities I found it uplifting to feel so included by the writing and to be so without feeling that my belief in my identity was being in anyway j

  • Lisa Marie Gabriel

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseI want to start this review by saying there should be a copy of this book available to every Gay Switchboard Doctor Headteacher or Counsellor and everyone in the LGBT community or LG LGGGGGGGGGG and even LGbt as some of the writers put it should be encouraged to read it It is not at all difficult to read and it shows that being bisexual is not a “one size fits all” label Being bisexual is not about being confused trendy greedy or dishonest Biphobia and bi erasure are institutionalised everywhere The common stereotypes are just wrong When is stereotyping ever right Bisexuals are often but not always monogamous They might identify as straight or gaylesbian their entire lives but know they have romantic feelings towards both genders and indeed sometimes to people whose gender falls outside the binary norm A bisexual friend once said to me “I love a person not a gender” Think about that For those individuals gay or straight who fall into the “monosexual” categor

  • Bellish

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple Prose The most common thing I hear people say gay or straight when I'm talking about bisexuality is 'Oh yeah That makes sense I guess I hadn't really thought about it'They really don't think about it We're all trained by society not to It can be like owning magical glasses that no one else hasThis book pretty much illuminated a lightbulb over my head which for someone who thinks and reads about ueer issues a lot and has bisexual friends is pretty shameful I was always reasonably aware of issues around bi invisibility but had not really appreciated what privilege I have being monosexual nor had I realised the strength of internalized biphobiaSafe to say then this book achieves its aims both for people like me and it seemed for the bisexual people at our book club meetup who found it rea

  • Fred Langridge

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseI am biased because I edited a chapter and wrote loads of other bits but I did very much enjoy reading this

  • alissa

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseI could probably have given this a full 5 but I'm pretty stingy when it comes to that rating This book was all round one of the most bi positive books I've read in a very long time It proved to be an incredibly easy engaging read with a very light and laid back tone This book can and should really be read by anyone but I think it would be most beneficial for bisexual people who are newly out to themselves and others anyone who thinks they might be bi anyone who's maybe feeling a bit insecure about their identityidentities or monosexual people maybe looking to learn or be allies A lot of the information in the book might just be reiterating what out bi people have k

  • Charlotte Kelly

    summary Purple Prose 108 Purple ProseA really solid and comprehensive look at bisexuality in Britain today While I didn't gain much in the way of new knowledge in the first couple of chapters I thought the chapters about how bisexuality intersects with other identities eg being disabledBMEreligiousnon monogamous especially interesting and informative I would definitely recommend this to both bisexual people and allies alike as an introduction to the bisexual community in Britain