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Songmaster characters á 7 ↠ ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Songmaster By Orson Scott Card ✎ – An SF classic from the author of Ender's GameKidnapped at an early age the young singer Ansset has been raised in isolation at the mystical retreat called the Songhouse His life has been filled with m An SF classic from the authoTed decades for Ansset is summoned to the Imperial Palace on Old Earth Many fates rest in Ansset's hands and his songs will soon be put to the test either to salve the troubled conscience of a conueror or drive him and the universe into mad chaos Songmaster is a haunting story of power and love the tale of the man who would destroy everything he loves to preserve humanity's peace and the boy who might just sing the world awa.

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E mystical retreat called the Songhouse His life has been filled with music and having only songs for companions he develops a voice that is unlike any heard before Ansset's voice is both a blessing and a curse for the young Songbird can reflect all the hopes and fears his auidence feels and by magnifying their emotions use his voice to heal or to destroy When it is discovered that his is the voice that the Emperor has wai.

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Songmaster[PDF / Epub] Songmaster By Orson Scott Card An SF classic from the author of Ender's GameKidnapped at an early age the young singer Ansset has been raised in isolation at the mystical retreat called the Songhouse His life has been filled with m An SF classic from the author of Ender's GameKidnapped at an early age the young singer Ansset has been raised in isolation at th.

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  • Timothy Urges

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterAnsset is the greatest Songbird ever created by the Songhouse Songbirds are singers cherished for the beauty of their voices and their ability to sway an audience Ansset has a voice that can sway the world through than emotion; he can change the cosmos Once perfected Songbirds are gifted out to those the Songhouse deems worthy They are sent off to colonized worlds in order to share their cherished talents Ansset is crafted into the perfect Songbird for the Emperor Mikal the vicious and benevolent ruler of humanity Ansset’s voice becomes known to all humans and his power becomes legend Songmaster is an interesting book because Orson Scott Card is an interesting man for positive and negative reasons Card

  • Emma

    Songmaster characters á 7 Songmasterthis is truly my favorite scifi book of all time it's got orphaned children gay uestioning sex weird psychic powers enough tragedy to make me cry and bards How could I not love it well I did when I was 14 I really should ualify my sci fi reviews since many of these are from my teenage years and it could be that if I read them now I'd be like huh what is this crap like when you watch a cartoon movie like The Last Unicorn as an adult and think now why does that tree have boobs But I bet that since this is Orson Scott Card and he has so many crown masterpieces in his oeuvre that it is still good even as a jaded older person

  • Spider the Doof Warrior

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterBut if you are going to do something to someone that causes them terrible pain should the orgasm shouldn't you TELL them about this I don't want to read this book again It's disturbing But mainly because I'm just not sure gay people WORK like thatThis book is like several books crammed into one It's Ender's Game with singing instead of laser tag It has a terrible underlying message about being gay too OSC does NOT understand how gay people work Or straight people for that matter I'm sorry but most people don't look at a kid that way If they do they need help Though there are those older women who want Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner But they were in their teens at least High teens I don't think it's RIGHT but they were not prepubescent kids Gay dudes don't go ooo look at that kid cringes when he is 15 and frigging looks 11 OR 12 It didn't seem like any of the other dudes he harped on were teens except when he was a teen so WTF was up with this It's so insulting on a lot of level

  • ♥ Rebecca ♥

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterThis book was really nothing like what I expected Its actually a great deal like Ender's Game A young boy grows up as a prodigy a genius and the best of the best among a group of exceptionally talented children He has a great talent for reading and understanding people and even loving his enemies After he has accomplished what is expected of him he is sent away and perhaps there is a little bit of Bean mixed in because he goes on to rule Earth What surprised me the most about this book was that the boy now a teenager has a brief romance with another man about half way through the book and it is uite known that OSC is a colossal homophobe So I was so confused that I had to look into this to try to understand how he could h

  • Hamster

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterEvery time I see an Orson Scott Card book I think Hey why haven't I read that yet There are in fact dozens of his books that I have not delved into and

  • Jamie

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterI wanted to like this book honestly I did I'm a fan of Card's 'Ender' books and the synopsis to Songmaster was one of the most intriguing I've ever come across While reading however I found myself constantly uestioning the point of the plot Songmaster is uite frankly a poor story Poorly composed and poorly told It's little than a series of uninteresting things occurring one after the next with no larger story arc and virtually no entertainment valueThe various sexual themescontent are also rather unnerving mainly because there doesn't seem to be any need for it Anyone who knows anything about Orson Scott Card knows he's a Mormon and huge anti gay whackjob Why he feels the need therefore to inject so much homosexuality into this story is peculiar to say the leas

  • Lisa (Harmonybites)

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterI can't help but find this a remarkable book in many ways The characters really live for me and several are uite complex certainly not simple to evaluate as good or evil And I loved the world Card created of the Songhouse This is a place where even common communications are made by song I fell in love with Orson Scott Card's writing after discovering his Ender books The theme of those books is tolerance and trying to understand the Other And the theme of this one is love of all kinds The children brought to be trained to the Songhouse are orphans; when the young and gifted Ansset who this novel is centered upon is brought there another child comforts him with the house's Love Song which is repeated at key moments“I will never hurt youI will always help youIf you are hungryI'll give you my foodIf you are frightenedI am your friendI love you nowAnd love does not end” Including by the way love between two men and I don't mean platonic Es

  • Rachel

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterThis is a very very strange novel I've been a fan of OSC since I was very young and since I was a young teen I've been very disturbed by the almost violent intolerance of homosexuality he expresses in his essays This attitude seemed so at odds with the values woven into the stories of Ender and Bean stories of children who are different but good and catch a lot of crap for it but save their tormentors anywayThis book

  • sologdin

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterNutshell school for the Euterpean arts involves itself in galactic politics leading to homophobic crimes coups d'etat c 20000 years in the future Principal is a pre Ender wunderkind a victim of child trafficking Euterpeans know the victim status and the location of the grieving parents but elect to ignore it all 69 In addition to being scum they're also stupid insofar as their constitution selects the new schoolmaster by virtue of whoever finds the corpse of the current schoolmaster; finder picks new boss 32 Principal is hooked up with several galactic emperors in the standard device to place the narration at the center of the entire setting YawnFocus for the Euterpeans is Control a form of mental discipline the object of Control was not to remove the singer

  • Clarence

    Songmaster characters á 7 SongmasterThis is hands down my favorite fiction book of all time It's unfortunate that it is usally classified and shelved as science fiction which it is not The occasional travel from one planet to another does not science fiction make This book alone made me an Orson Scott Card fan for life and because of it I can forgive him the various other authorial sins which