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❰Read❯ ➬ Titus Groan Author Mervyn Peake – Mervyn Peak’s gothic masterpiece The Gormenghast Trilogy begins with the superlative Titus Groan a darkly humorous stunningly complex tale of the first two years in the life of Titus Groan the heirRead Titus Groan Author Mervyn Peake Citybreakscheapcouk Mervyn Peak’s gothic masterpiece The Gormenghast Trilogy begins with the superlative Titus Groan a dark

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Ly humorous stunningly complex tale of the first two years in the life of Titus Groan the heir Mervyn Peak’s gothic masterpiece The Gormenghast Trilogy begins with the superlative Titus Groan a

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Titus GroanDarkly humorous stunningly complex tale of the first two years in the life of Titus Groan the heir to the ancient rambling castle Gormenghast The trilogy continues with Gormenghast and Titus Alone

Mobi Ú Titus Groan Mervyn Laurence Peake was an English modernist writer artist poet and illustrator He is best known for what are usually referred to as the Gormenghast books though the Titus books would be accurate the three works that exist were the beginning of what Peake conceived as a lengthy cycle following his protagonist Titus Groan from cradle to grave but Peake's untimely death prevented compl.

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  • Bill Kerwin

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus GroanWhat an odd fantasy No swords no sorcery no elves no thieves no imaginary beasts no multiple planes of existence nothing but a cavernous castle peopled by eccentrics with Dickensian names Sepulchrave Prunesuallor Swelter Flay whose lives are determined by centuries perhaps millenia of complex rituals Although the people themselves seem to be British

  • J.G. Keely

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus GroanI know of no author in all of the English language who is like Peake or who could aspire to be like him His voice is as uniue as that of Milto

  • Cecily

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus GroanHow to review this weird and wonderful book The setting characters and plot etc are extraordinary but it is the language that is utterly bewitching The fact Peake was also an artist is evident in the special care with which he describes light or absence of skin and textures Anthony Burgess wrote that it “has the kind of three dimensional solidity which we often find in pictorial artists who take to words illustrations would have been supererogatory” – even though Peake sketched in the margins as he wrote and later editions were published with the pictures Peake's illustration of Titus going to his tenth birthday masueWriting in Tatler novelist Elizabeth Bowen said“It is certainly not a novel; it would be found strong meat as a fairy tale one of th

  • Evgeny

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus Groan Dear bookI am breaking up with you It is not me it is you It is not you it is me; others think you are really cute I thought you were romantic and mysterious I got bored with you but this is really just me There were moments I was really happy and excited with you even if they were few and between Unfortunately these moments came too late in our relationships You are a good guy and I hope you will find happiness in your life Please do not invite me to a date I am washing my hair tonight And tomorrow And every other nightThis first paragraph is exactly blow by blow description of my impressions about this novel Let me retell it in different words I did not like the book much It was really just me as a lot of people consider it very original and classic of genre From its descriptions I expected something different; I thought it would be a very tale with lots of atmos

  • Agnieszka

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus Groan dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before Imagine a gigantic gothic like edifice with an endless maze of galleries roofs stairs and secret passages There are the Stone Lanes and the Hall of Bright Carvings cat room and Hall of Spiders the Tower o

  • Bradley

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus GroanAs I was reading this I kept thinking of all the great and richly detailed fantasies I've ever read from Tad Williams to Robin Hobb and then I just had to look up when this book had come outYou see I have this thing I like to read a book or at least books that are considered classics or the best of their genre with a clear and un jaundiced eye So sometimes I don't even read

  • Markus

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus Groan ”The darkness came down over the castle and the Twisted Woods and over Gormenghast Mountain The long tables of the Dwellers were hidden in the thickness of a starless night” This is the book hailed by Tolkien separatists as one to rival The Lord of the Rings This is the book that supposedly is the best book in the fantasy genre We are all entitled to our opinions but after having read Titus Groan I simply cannot understand why anyone would even come close to that

  • Megha

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus Groan“This tower patched unevenly with black ivy arose like a mutilated finger from among the fists of knuckled masonry and pointed blasphemously at heaven At night the owls made of it an echoing throat; by day it stood voiceless and cast its long shadow” There stands the Gormenghast as if sealed inside a crystal ball looming in all its grotesue wonder The old musty smell The susurrus of narrow passages The torches casting an eerie circle of light The hustle and bustle of the castle dwellers while the Gormenghast watches stoically It has seen 77 generations of the Earls and by now it is ageless as if it has worn this air of decay since the beginning of timeThe dwellers of the castle no they don't merely live in the castle they are organic offshoots of the Gormenghast They scurry through its passages as blood runs through our veins You can take them out of Gormenghast you can't take the Gormenghast out of them These characters are easily a great candid

  • Paul Bryant

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus GroanMervyn Peake was one of those gifted people you burningly resent he was a brilliant artist and then he thought oh I need something else to occupy my time when I'm not doing brilliant drawings and paintings hmm what can I do ah yes I'll write one of the century's greatest fantasies in one of the most individual and beautiful prose styles and create about a dozen of the most memorable and delightful characters in all of fiction including a real heartbreaker of a heroine called Fuchsia yes hmm that's what I'll do why notWell I really want to read this again I have such great memories of being elevated into a genuinely different gorgeous horrifying but completely seductive world that I want to go back I want to go back But I remember also my unhappy experience re reading Something Wicked this Way Comes see elsewhere Should I shouldn't I Mervyn Peake wrote an eually glorious seuel called Gormenghast also 500 pages then he developed dementia to the point

  • Christopher Paolini

    Mobi Ú Titus Groan Titus Groan Titus Groan is another one of my favorite books and it along with The Worm Ouroboros had a big influence on me while writing the Inheritance Cycle The prose is incredible—it’s the ultimate gothic fantasy And it’s so rich it’s actually a little bit hard to read in one sitting; it’s better taken in small chunks Mervyn Peake like so many authors who survived and endured the World Wars—World War One particularly—had a sense of the grotesue and the grotesuely beautiful that is hard to find For anyone who’s looking for