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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Corambis By Sarah Monette – Citybreakscheap.co.uk In the spellbinding conclusion to the brilliant fantasy series Doctrine of Labyrinths two brothers discover their ultimate destinyExiled from Melusine for the crime of heresy Felix Harrowgate and his PDF Epub Corambis By Sarah Monette Citybreakscheapcouk In the spellbinding conclusion to the brilliant fantasy series Doctrine of Labyrinths two brothers discover their ultimate destinyExiled from

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Melusine for the crime of heresy Felix Harrowgate and his In the spellbinding conclusion to the brilliant fantasy series Doctrine of Labyrinths two brothers discover their ultimate destinyExiled from Melusine for th

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CorambisE crime of heresy Felix Harrowgate and his half brother Mildmay journey to the land of Corambis to face judgement from a ruling body of wizards Both brothers carry memories regret and hidden deep in their hearts hope

PDF Ï BOOK Corambis Katherine Addison Katherine reviews nonfiction Sarah reviews fiction Fair warning I read very little fiction these daysI was born and raised in Oak Ridge Tennessee one of the secret cities of the Manhattan Project I studied English and Classics in college and have gone on to get my MA and PhD in English Literature My first four novels were published by Ace Books I have written two collaborations with Elizabeth Bear for Tor A Companion to Wolves and The Tempering of Men My short stories have appeared in lots of different places including Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet Weird Tales and Strange Horizons; I've published two collections of short stories Somewhere Beneath Those Waves and The Bone Key I collect books and my husband collects computer parts so our living space is the constantly contested border between these two imperial ambitions.

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  • Meg

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisCorambisOrFelix Tries Not To Be A Dick For a Change and Seriously Who Designed This Cover?This was an excellent conclusion to the series There are dark parts in the story telling but over all things end on an unapologetically happy note Which feels right and fair for everything these characters put up withI was dubious about having a third narrator again But Kay was less intrusive to the story than Mehitabel His sections while present work to explain the political and social system we find ourselves in His story also does not distract from the main plot of the book Most importantly Kay's sections also consisted of considerably less of the novel than Mehitabel's giving plenty of time for Felix and Mildmay to tell their story And by Felix and Mildmay I m

  • Ekollon

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisSo here we finally finish up what is surely the darkest series I have read in a really long time a series so dark I'm actually really surprised I finished it That doesn't by any means mean it was a bad series it just means that it's dark enough that looking back I'm surprised I didn't say You know what this personally isn't for me I'm going to stop It's a series full of violence and trauma and that's not something I'm big on Nevertheless I finished it and for the most part I enjoyed it a lot than I expectedAnd I want this to be clear I'm knocking a star off this book and rating it 3 stars instead of 4 stars because it absolutely does not feel like the end of the series despite the fact that it was published 9 years ago and I thi

  • Juxian

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis Corambis35 starsWell going back to the beginning The first book was awesome I loved it to death and The second book was extremely good The third book was a disaster all IMHO mind you And the last book I loved the first half of it almost as much as I loved the first and the second book It focused on Felix and Mildmay it was intense there was so much angst you could drown in it twice and a half and yet there were sparkles of hope as well And the third pov Kay's was not annoying well since Kay was in the situation of extreme suffering and yeah I cared what was happening to himAnd then it all kinda I don't know what petered out Kay's pov became just page count well I want to say it again it all is just my opinion I can totally imagine other readers loving it all There were too many characters I didn't care about doing things I didn't find interesting Felix and Mildmay's relationship you know if it were a contemporary book they'd probably go to psychotherapy and

  • Juushika

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisReread 2020 My opinion is largely unchanged from my first reading If the payoffcomfort comes too easy in this volume it's still sat

  • Felicia

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisI have very mixed feelings about this book probably because I love the first three of the series soooo much and it's been a while since I've read them That's the problem with huge fantasy epics you forget stuff and then want to dive in without being properly oriented to what's going onAlso I read this on a Kindle which is nice but you don't have a map if there was one in the hardback version A map would have helped reading this book a lot Hell I like maps in every book I read regardless of genre The good stuff I love these characters I love how this series is not really categorizable I love how she deals with homosexual characters in an interesting way I love the introspection and th

  • Liviu

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisPerfect ending to the Doctrine of Labyrinths series and incontestably the number one fantasy of 09 so far for me though there are many books to come Also a daring book as it's pretty much a standalone taking place far away from Melusine in Corambis and having only Mildmay and Felix as recurring characters Corambis is a very different setting too with trains subway magic as technology and an Aristocratic Republic to boot just ending a brutal three year old insurrection from its southern province formerly known as the kingdom of Caloxa which was a medieval like state with very different magic and has been conuered only 40 years before Felix was presented as Caloxan by Malkar to the Mirador Court in the series beginning and that is basically the only tenuous connection between the first 3 volumes and this oneOutstanding and the best of series a truly mature novel that marks the

  • Margaret

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisThis goes off in a completely different direction from the first three books; the setting is somewhere new and nearly all the characters save for Felix and Mildmay are new Yet I found it a very satisfying conclusion to the series because although it introduces new elements and a new story arc it also resolves Felix and Mildmay's character arcs and relationships in a believable and pleasing way

  • T

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisI read this because I had thoroughly enjoyed the previous 3 books in the series but I think this one is not nearly as good It's not bad but it is not as deeply engaging I felt like I had come to know and care about the characters through the first 3 books but by in this one they were too different and capricious The ending was ultimately somewhat unsatisfying I think the problem was that in the other books Felix and Mildmay are interacting fully with other characters and in this book the other characters feel very tangential to the larger point of finally getting these brothers to admit they care for each other The storyline feels very isolated Monette also introduces an entirely different world Corambis and Caloxa with steam engines

  • Irene Soldatos

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisWhat am I going to do now this series has finished? I feel somehow at a loss Yes all four books were that good Corambis was a fitting conclusion to a truly wonderful story I'd say epic as well only that might lead some people to think of the wrong sort of epicness The writing from the first page of Melusine to the last page of Corambis was simply superb and the scholarship and erudition inspiring This is a many layered story with many layered characters and layered writing and that's what makes it so incredible

  • Joy

    PDF Ï BOOK Corambis CorambisThe conclusion to Monette's series really got under my skin This is the redemption book and we see real development of the two main characters and their relationship This book also gives us one of the most cool magic systems I have encountered Throughout the books Felix is constantly studying different types of magic systems from different r