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❮Read❯ ➪ Dystopia Author Manoj V. Jain – Citybreakscheap.co.uk How was your journey to Dystopia? Was it full of joy freedom rebellion anger shame or guilt? THE BOOKChildren start their travels in the blissful kingdom of Shambala a beautiful land where they are prRead Dystopia Author Manoj V Jain Citybreakscheapcouk How was your journey to Dystopia? Was it full of joy freedom rebellion anger shame or guilt? THE BOOKChildren start their travels in the blissful kingdom of Shambala a beautiful land where they are pr How was your journey to Dystopia? Was it full of joy freedom rebellion anger shame or guilt? THE BOOKChildren star

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Will oversee their journey in this new landIn his latest book Manoj Jain discusses themes of childhood pain growing up teenage angst role identities and parentingThe story guided by the spirit of Dystopia is set in a small dinner party a reunion among five friends During the course of the evening they uncover the source of various past wounds and resolve why a young girl had to kill herself at eightee

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DystopiaT their travels in the blissful kingdom of Shambala a beautiful land where they are protected and taken care of They enter Shambala as little infants trusting their parents and caregivers The children continue on their journey skipping along the path till they reach a dark forbidding gate which like some powerful vacuum sucks them inside and into the next kingdom of Dystopia I am their guide there and I

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  • Aman Mittal

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaWith a peculiar cover Manoj Jain this is Manoj Jain's 5th book release I have read some of his work in the past and has expressed my views ac

  • Geeta Nair

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaA short read of just 146 pages this one is an eye opener Thought provoking and one that can leave adults especially those that force their will on their children feeling guilty ‘Dystopia’ reveals the damage over protectiveness can have on the young mind It also reveals how overpowering par

  • Vidya Shankar

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaA novella Dystopia is a good companion to have on a journey The book opens with a suicide but don't be put off by it It's a pretty smooth read in spite of its psychological connotations A couple of drawbacks it took me a while to understand that the flashbacks were narrated by Dystopia However once I got the hang of it I felt the book has been charted pretty well with the italics denoting the flashbacks The editing too has been a bit amiss in some places Not too stark though as the author makes it up with his lucid writing style

  • Namrata Bhagtani-Sadhvani

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaIn one of the most powerful scenes written in the wonderfully crisp “Dystopia” by manojvjain – a candle is lit to pay homage to a young girl who committed suicide at the age of 16 a time when life at once seems to be the most beautiful a

  • Prateeksha Suresh

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaSummaryThe story starts with Teesha the protagonist of the story seeing a photograph of 17 year old girl and wishing her happy birthday She invited her school besties for a dinner and she was super excited to meet them after so many years Five of them had reunited and recollected their golden memories of their school life Everyone unfolded the things which they had gone through after school is over They shared all their untold experience in life and ended the conversation with the death of their friend Anandita Nobody knows why she had killed herself Everyone had the chances to save her life Unfortunately they couldn’t because of their own life issuesWhy Anandita killed herself?ReviewThis is my first book by this author and it’s beyond my expectation level The author brings out two places Shambala and Dystopia Shambala is the place where the children will be safe and happ

  • Reading_ Tam_ Ishly

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaGenre Realistic fictioncrimeThis book talks about a reunion dinnerTeesha invites her school friends Reema Kabir Aniket Romesh to her house after years of losing touch with each otherWhat meant to be a great reunion of friends turn out to be a way of dealing about issues that were not brought up way before when they should haveThe uirks the bad memories the uneasy feeings emotions came pouring out one after another while having numerous rounds of drinksSecrets spilled out; untold stories told but what made everyone of them uncomfortable was the mention of AnanditaWhat happened to her is the main plot of the story which I feel came a bit too late in the bookThe story is part narrated by

  • Rahul Batra

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaDystopia by Manoj Jain is not an ordinary book but an explanation of a journey which we often consciously forget but we live it everyday It is a story of a re union where each one of them has lived a different life and the outcome is somewhat they have accepted it It is the story of realising the truth behind the lives of many even accepting that lie isn't fair

  • Shalu Thakur Dhillon

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaThe story begins with reunion of five school friends and slowly reveals their individual journey through life and throws light on what circumstances lead them to the place where they stand in their lives at this juncture story of a trophy wife a commitment freak divorced dreams laid to rest in the wake of a respectable carrerI liked the tone of this book Childhood is the age where kids live in a very protected enviornment and then comes the adolescence; a phase full of energy confusion and restlessness This is the phase which shapes up the personality of a child and decides the kind of life a child will have to

  • Pragnesh

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback DystopiaDystopia by Manoj Jain It's a story of friends reunion after many years to do the chat and their memories about the childhood Dystopia is a word that scares u but in book thought were present in different perspectiveThe age of dystopia decides the fate of the child future where heshe lands up It's very important that parents take care of children at this stage and understand the behavior so that they can help the children to take right decisions for future Considering the current ongoing topic of suicide problems in students this book covers up well diverse problems of mentality about how children thinks It's a very good lesson guidance for parents Overall a Good ReadGot the book from Aishwarya Gupta along with note from author Manoj jain Thank you

  • Som

    eBook Å Dystopia µ Paperback Dystopia35 stars This was first book which i read of the author I was not sure what to expect So I plunged in without any preconceived conception It opens with a teenage girl commiting suicide The reason of which is left as a secretSuspense The