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[PDF] ✐ All City Author Alex DiFrancesco – In a near future New York City in which both global warming and a tremendous economic divide are making the city unlivable for many a huge superstorm hits leaving behind only those those who had nowheNts the suffering of those left behind into the world's consciousness all struggle to rebuild their lives in a city that has left them for dead When they carve out a small space of reprieve from an abandoned luxury condo it is only a matter of time before those who own the building come back to claim what is theirsAll City is than a novel it's a foreshadowing of a world to come

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Ng the city unlivable for many a huge superstorm hits leaving behind only those those who had nowhere else to go and no way to get out Here Makayla a year old woman who works at the convenience store chain that's overtaken the city and Jesse an year old genderueer anarchist punk who lives in an abandoned IRT station in the Bronx and an unnamed mysterious street artist who pai

MOBI º DOC All City Paperback ALEX DIFRANCESCO is a writer of fiction and nonfiction whose work has appeared in The Washington Post Tin House Brevity and They are a winner of Sundress Academy for the Arts' OutSpoken Competition and were a finalist in Cosmonauts Avenue’s Inaugural Nonfiction Prize They have recently moved to Ohio where they are still trying to wrap their head around “Sweetest Day”.

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All CityPDF All City Author Alex DiFrancesco Citybreakscheapcouk In a near future New York City in which both global warming and a tremendous economic divide are making the city unlivable for many a huge superstorm hits leaving behind only those those who had nowhe In a near future New York City in which both global warming and a tremendous economic divide are maki

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  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityWhen this novel begins a storm is coming to New York one bad enough that most of the people with resources have left to hole up in their other homes but it's New York and there are plenty who don't think any storm can really destroy the city Superstorm Bernice hits the waters travel farther than people expected and don't recede All of the sudden nobody is completely prepared to deal with the situation and even though water is everywhere you know the saying not a drop to drink And people with resources are not necessarily making humanitarian or ethical decisions so violence and danger aboundThe story has alternating viewpoints which is something I usually like but there were some places where I felt it muddied the waters a little bit I was most invested in the first character introduced Makayla There is a fair amount of diverse representation in this novel racial gender sexuali

  • Lori

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityIn Alex Difrancesco's All City we're thrust into a near future NYC that's blasted by Superstorm Bernice In the leadup the wealthy residents have decided to duck and run hightailing it out of the city to the safety of places futher inland while the lower class citizens buckle down in an effort to ride out the storm Soon the city becomes flooded and many of the homes and storefronts are damaged beyond repair In the storm's aftermath we follow three groups of people as they face dimishing food supplies and set out in search of someplace new to call home The book is broken out into three narratives First we have Makayla's who had holed up with her boyfriend Jaden She and Jaden catch a boat out to an emergency shelter but find the conditions there worse than where they came from so they along with a young abandoned latino boy they take their under their wing strike out for better digs which they find in a deserted highrise Meanwhile we are introduced to Jesse a home

  • Bandit

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityOk so we all know what YA fiction is Ubiuitous and very popular genre targeting younger audience aspirationally referred to as adults albeit young Apparently there’s also something like NA new adult Presumably for those freshly out of their teens brains allegedly properly formed but not uite all there yet So NA by definition ought to be marginally sophisticated than Y

  • Amanda K

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityThanks to Edelweiss for the e ARCI’d put this one at 45 starsOne city storm and the aftermath three points of view Makayla made homeless by the storm but the gentrification of her neighborhood was going to drive her out soon anyhow Evann too sheltered and ignorant in her own little bubble to realize that not everyone can ride out the storm in their other house Jesse already homeless but living rough with wily friends leaves them prepared for the storm than most The storm hits harder than any before and each of these people is left to deal with the aftermath using whatever resources they can scrounge or find The only science fiction bit of this is the setting – near future NYC with a slang a touch different than now and a few inconseuential bits of technology The escalating st

  • NormaCenva

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityWhat an amazing story I was sceptical at first but the plot just carried me away into this amazingly well realized world The voice acting in the audio version is great and add

  • imyril

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityA very near future look at marginalised people struggling to survive a climate change disaster and its aftermath in NYC Time for a subjective objective take from me this book did nothing but make me feel unbearably anxious for the first half and reinforce my lack of faith in humanity by the end I didn’t enjoy it at all But it’s well written altho I hated the made up slang mileage may vary and timely in its observations of ineualit

  • Callie Gardner

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All Cityin this story of disaster gentrification i found myself compelled by every character every chapter it's not trulyscience fiction or dystopia so much as a vision of a near future that looks and inevitable i'm still stunned by it – my readings are all ultimately pessimistic so far but there's hope too in the temporary spaces people find for and with each other throughout the book essential 2019 reading

  • Runalong

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityA near future SF story dealing with the aftermath of a colossal storm The survivors include a young couple and a trans man all previously living on the edges of society in a city where the rich thrive But does a distaste lead to hope or a repeat of the past? Great ear for character voices and acts some tough uestions but I feel needed a bit room to breath to fully explore the issues raisedFull review

  • Dom

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityA difficult thematically but necessary read Incredibly diverse casts powerful and haunting messages all wrapped up in a haunting near future post apoc landscape Definitely delivered on the three things from the book jacket that sold me post apocsci fiLGBT

  • The Reading Raccoon

    MOBI º DOC All City Paperback All CityEdelweissAll City turned out to be a very original and dark story of what happens to the poor in the aftermath of a catastrophic storm I enjoyed the first half of the book as we followed Makayla from her home to a friend’s house and then to a shelter It was the most engrossing part of the novel It was AFTER they leave the shelter and set up in an abandoned home and new characters are introduced where my attention started to drift I found the rich girl Evann and her non stop chatter about modern art and her dog Pollack of course exhausting So many BASUIAT references There is also another trio and is added to the story to add even POV’s Overall I found the tone of All City a little preachy There is a lot of economic eu