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[Reading] ➮ Morbo ➶ Phil Ball – Citybreakscheap.co.uk English writer Phil Ball has put the history of Spanish football into the context of the epomymous Morbo Hard to pin down in translation though the author manfully spends a chapter trying to explain tReading Morbo Phil Ball Citybreakscheapcouk English writer Phil Ball has put the history of Spanish football into the context of the epomymous Morbo Hard to pin down in translation though the author manfully spends a chapter trying to explain t English writer Phil Ball has put the history of Spanish football into the context of the epomymous Morbo Hard to pin down in translation though the author manfully spends a chapter trying to explain the term in its fullest sense Morbo encapsulates the fierce rivalry across a club scene fragmented by history language and politics The bitter feeling between

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Barcelona and Real Madrid has of course been well documented elsewhere Here that famous rivalry is only one component of a landscape of antagonism In particular the Basue country in the north west and Seville in the south both provide breeding grounds for a healthy portion of Morbo and receive Ball's attention accordingly The narrative captures the essence of that feeling perfectly without failing to inform on a historical basis A splendid chapter traces the ancestry of football in Spain back to the labourers in the English owned copper mines in Huelva Andalucia While Spanish club football has always had its stars from Di St

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MorboEfano to Cruyff and Butragueno through to Raul and Luis Figo today Ball shows that there is a greater force running in its lifeblood Yet still there remains a paradox; he analyses the historical under achievement of the Spanish national side in major international tournaments The new millennium has seen excellent books focusing on football culture in Holland and France namely Brilliant Orange and Le Foot At a time when the stock of Spanish club football has perhaps not been higher since the heyday of Real Madrid in the late s and early s Morbo a triumph in the same vein thankfully allows us to add Spain to the list Trevor Crowe

text á õ phil ball Phil Ball born in Vancouver Canada is a British writer based in Spain He has lived in Donostia San Sebastián Spain for over twenty years Born in Canada to English parents Phil Ball grew up in Grimsby on the north east coast of England having moved there as a child in As a youngster Phil Ball supported Grimsby Town saying I was brought up on lower league football After finishi.

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  • Danny

    text á õ phil ball MorboIt's probably tough to imagine a much better English language book about Spanish football in general Phil Ball covers the beginning the at the time recent and pretty much every region gets reasonab

  • Jim Anderson

    text á õ phil ball MorboA well written and insightful book and an interesting read to anyone interested in football and Spain in general Links between Spanish culture politics and recent history are described well and everything down the di

  • Joe

    text á õ phil ball Morbo¡ue fantastico Ok that was cheesy but what a book Phil Ball is an amazing writer He easily navigates complex socio political subject matter and ties it in magnificently with the sport he loves Throughout he's simultaneously alluding to semi obscure Shakespeare and dropping 100 words but with the comforting lack of pretension and formality of an old friend The highest compliment I think I can pay it is this If you don't like soccerfootball I think you could still like this bookThen there's the subject matter which is brilliant in its own right Spain is such a beautifully complicated country and this is echoed in how it p

  • Pete

    text á õ phil ball MorboMorbo 2003 2011 update by Phil Ball is a thorough well written history of Spanish Football Phil Ball knows his subject and takes the reader on a tour of the major clubs in Spain and the first club in Spain Huelva He provides a

  • Shawn

    text á õ phil ball MorboWSC books are simply great reads

  • bookreader

    text á õ phil ball MorboHowever you measure it Spanish soccer is at present the best in the world whether at the level of nation league club or individual player This is not a new condition Real Madrid is the most decorated football team in history Despite this success relatively little is known about the history of Spanish football probably due to the fact that soccer in Spain dwells at the intersection of culture politics to a greater degree than in almost any other country Therefore an outsider seeking to understand Spanish football must immerse himself in Spanish history the expression of regional culture and politics This is precisely the treacherous course that the felicitously named Englishman Phil

  • Ian Moss

    text á õ phil ball MorboFantastic readWonderful insightful history of Spanish football Couldn't put it down A must read for all football fans around the world

  • Grant Scalf

    text á õ phil ball MorboThis was a great read if you really want to know the history of Spanish soccer The book delves in to the many facets of the Spanish culture that is soccer The key theme is the book's title Morbo which means disease in Spanish Ball talks about the autonomous regions of Spain and how their interactions brought about this morbo feeling in the sport I thoroughly enjoyed all of the book If you are looking for something geared towards Real Madrid andor Barcelona this isn't for you Ball does well to talk about all clubs

  • George

    text á õ phil ball MorboLess of a chronological historical guide and of a club by club and rivalry guide with history of the important clubs regions and the national teamTor The Story of German Football Ulrich Hesse Lichtenberger is a better style and history on its respective country than this book good as it is

  • Kim Montague

    text á õ phil ball MorboAgain Phil Ball managed to capture our imaginations with his masterly interpretation of the history of Spanish football He covers everything about the game from beginning to present day Spanish football The newer release also entails the World Cup winning moment for the Spaniards Personally I recommend this to all true football fans It's a great source of knowled