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EBOOK ☆ Kristin Lavransdatter Ù Sigrid Undset Ckdrop Undset immerses readers in the day to day life social conventions and political and religious undercurrents of the period Now in one volume Tiina Nunnally's award winning definitive translation brings this remarkable work to life with clarity and lyrical beauty As a young girl Kristin is deeply devoted to her father a kind and courageous man But when as a student in a convent school she meets the charming and impetuous Erlend Nikulaussøn she defies her parents in pursuit of her own desires H

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❰EPUB❯ ✰ Kristin Lavransdatter Author Sigrid Undset – Citybreakscheap.co.uk In her great historical epic Kristin Lavransdatter set in fourteenth century Norway Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset tells the life story of one passionate and headstrong woman Painting a richly detailed EPUB Kristin Lavransdatter Author Sigrid Undset Citybreakscheapcouk In her great historical epic Kristin Lavransdatter set in fourteenth century Norway Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset tells the life story of one passionate and headstrong woman Painting a richly detailed In her great historical epic Kristin Lavransdatter set in fourteenth century Norway Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset tells the life story of one passionate and headstrong woman Painting a richly detailed ba

PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Undset was born in Kalundborg Denmark but her family moved to Norway when she was two years old In she converted to Catholicism and became a lay Dominican She fled Norway in because of her opposition to Nazi Germany and the German occupation but returned after the end of World War II in Sigrid Undset received the Nobel Prize for Literature in Most of the praise was for h.

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Kristin LavransdatterEr saga continues through her marriage to Erlend their tumultuous life together raising seven sons as Erlend seeks to strengthen his political influence and finally their estrangement as the world around them tumbles into uncertainty With its captivating heroine and emotional potency Kristin Lavransdatter is the masterwork of Norway's most beloved author one of the twentieth century's most prodigious and engaged literary minds and in Nunnally's exuisite translation a story that continues to enthrall

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  • Milo

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterWell well well Miss Undset has made it onto my 10 star list She should be proud She also won a Nobel Prize for her work so there is that Her Kristin Lavransdatter books are unuestionably works of massive scope on par with JRR Tolkien's Lord Of the Rings A strange comparison you say Well I agree with you The only thing that comes to mind immediately is the length of the two But there is so much Where LOTR was preparation for battle with Sauron's forces Kristin Lavransdatter was an intimate look into a Norwegian community It's the attention to detail that struck me as similar Tolkien and Undset both took such great care to imbue their work with eternal life They captured that elusive something that can't be described or rather could be described in many different ways Undset obviously did massive research into 14th Century Norwegian customs before she put pen to paper The community is not like in so many other books a static thing that serves as a canvas for the ma

  • Lisa

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterAll my days I have longed eually to travel the right road and to take my own errant path I am not a great fan of historical fiction especially not if t

  • Dolors

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterA historical epic divided in three installments – The Wreath The Wife and The Cross – that unfolds the life of Kristin Lavrandsatter a woman of noble ancestry in Medieval Norway from birth to death Undset paints a faithful portrayal of an era marked by turbulent dynastic wars and the latent paganism ingrained in the Christian values of a very rigid society representative of its time The three novels probe deep into the human moral and religious conflicts that befall on the protagonist and her family keeping the narrative pulse alive along its than a thousand pagesUndset’s prose is technically irreproachable a traditional structure archetypal of the 19thC realistic tradition with an omniscient third person narrator that uses relatively short chapters following a linear timeline The narration focuses on the central heroine of the saga around which orbits a constellation of secondary characters that present

  • Aubrey

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin Lavransdatter But she couldn’t help it; it was her nature to love with great toil and care When I read I seek the marrow of things Details and description of lands I shall never see and times I shall never know are all very well but I am a human being and it is human beings I am concerned with It is easier for me with some books than others due to commonalities of sex and race and culture but often than not that is a surface tension appeal a reliance on shared references that both author and I indulge in What matters is when the author dives deep into both thought and feeling

  • Hesper

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterThis one should be subtitled decent people make scads of bad decisions and then agonize over them Seriously I am surprised to have liked it as much as I did because there is no reason this massive book should work And yet it does precisely because of all the reasons why it shouldn't plot and pace sacrificed to character development pages and pages of seemingly trivial detail and enough Catholicism to fill a smallish catechism Taken individually its separate parts sound like a grueling exercise in literary masochism but combined there is no clearer fictional portrait of medieval life It's not going to appeal to e

  • Ashley

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterBrilliant and beautiful I just finished Kristin Lavransdatter and it has easily earned a place in my favorite books ever Sigrid Undset won the Nobel Prize in Literature for Kristin Lavransdatter while still in her prim

  • Werner

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterIn my recent review of Heather Day Gilbert's God's Daughter I commented that her style in some ways reminds me of Undset's Perhaps that's a function of the fact that both ladies' writing is shaped by a Christian world view Undset was an adult convert to Roman Catholicism both focus their historical writing on medieval Scandinavian culture both do a great job of getting inside their character's heads and both created strong female protagonists Though Undset's other major work which I read as an omnibus volume before this one the uartet of novels collectively titled The Master of Hestviken has a male protagonist Undset however set her work at a later time the 13th or in this case 14th centuries and covered her main characters' entire lives starting in childhood which gives her work of an epic scope Of course in her case we're also dealing with the body of work produced in a lifetime not a single first novel She also concentrates on fictional rather than on ac

  • Anthony

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterI've seen Kristin Lavransdatter described as a book about a young woman who defies her family and faith to follow the passions of her heart Well yes But while today that might be seen as a virtue it is decidedly not portrayed as such in Kristin Lavransdatter This is not a feminist book Despite how often Sigrid Undset wrote about the immoral kind of love she was no proponent of the burgeoning emancipation movement She is fairly uniue among those who wr

  • Laura

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterI started getting interested in Kristin Lavransdatter this past winter I really want to visit Norway for some time and I wanted to learn about Europe in the Middle Ages If you want to read about medieval times without getting bored this book is a great choice I am glad I spent the summer reading this book since it included so much history and such uniue characters By the way reading about the Middle Ages during the summer is a uniue experience and I strongl

  • Rachel

    PDF ´ BOOK Kristin Lavransdatter FREE Kristin LavransdatterSeven reasons why I really really want to love Kristin Lavransdatter1 I have long standing crushes on both Scandinavia and ye olden days and this book is a free trip straight to the heart of 14th century Norway Undset's portrayal of the life of one woman from childhood until death is fascinatingly intertwined with the tensions between the Catholic present and pagan traditions in medieval Norway And her writing so evoc