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READ ó Bloodroot  [Read] ➳ Bloodroot By Bill Loehfelm – The brilliantly ambitious thriller frightening twisted and filled with secrets and heartbreak from the author of Fresh KillsKevin Curran wants to unite his family but he's ready to give up on his youn The brilliantly ambitious thriller frightening twisted and filled with s[Read] Bloodroot By Bill Loehfelm The brilliantly ambitious thriller frightening twisted and filled with secrets and heartbreak from the author of Fresh KillsKevin Curran wants to unite his family but he's ready to give up on his youn The brilliantly ambitious thriller frightening twisted and filled with secrets and heartbreak from the author of Fresh KillsKevin Curran wants to unite his family but he's ready to give up on his younger brother Danny three years lost to heroin addict.

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Ous past Hoping to rescue Danny from his criminal life after years ago failing to save him from his addiction Kevin accepts While Danny's plan unfolds Kevin is drawn into a world of murder Mafia hit men and dangerous espionage The halls of Bloodroot reveal one horrifying secret after another about the building's history about Danny's life of addiction and crime and about the true roots of the Curran family At the end of the maze of monsters the brothers make a discovery so horrific it may force them to destroy each othe.


BloodrootIon and hard desperate living on the streets of New York When Danny shows up on Kevin's Staten Island doorstep looking clean fit and prosperous Kevin can't help but be overjoyed that his brother has escaped his past life But at what price Not even Kevin's worst nightmares could have prepared him for the horrors he'll discover about his brother's dark history After a brief reunion Danny offers Kevin a role in an underworld plot revolving around the Bloodroot Children's Hospital an abandoned juvenile asylum with a nefari.

READ ó Bloodroot Praise for the Maureen Coughlin series “Not only has Loehfelm created the most compelling complex patrol cop in the genre—part take no prisoners badass part too sensitive for the street rookie—he has also re energized New Orleans as a setting for the best in crime fiction going well beyond the clichés —edgy dangerous but pulsing with life Maureen Coughlin is as good as it gets” BOOKLI.

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  • Paul

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootBloodroot caught my attention immediately and held it to the end I really liked the psychological aspects of the story how decisions that might seem wrong on a typical day may not seem wrong at all in the context of what is most importantMy only negative critiue of this st

  • Rebecca

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootThere wasn't really anything wrong with this book my rating may be misleading I just can't get into thrillers I tried but I can't get into the characters I don't like immersing myself in the dark gritty worlds these authors portray This book had good writing and the plot moved along nicely I just felt bad the entire time reading it Kind of like the feeling you get one day after puking your guts out You don't feel necessarily sick but you definitely don't want to eat Your body feels like your blood has turned to pudding and your tongue feels wooden and fuzzy That's the feeling books like this leave me with I think I'm done trying to embrace them If you DO like dark thrillers then have at

  • Susan Katz

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootI had real problems with the narrator of this book whose devotion to his destructive younger brother strains all crediblity The plot is melodramatic and also contains elements that complete shatter the willing suspension of disbelief necessary for this reader to enjoy a book

  • Shalor T.

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootFirst thing I have to say is that the book really didn't come across to me as the thriller that the book's blurb promised For that matter I also expected the nightmarish institution of Bloodroot to come into play than it did Second thing is that there's spoilers in this review but I'm listing them at the bottomThe book's main character is for lack of a better description a somewhat whiny and washed up professor Kevin who spends most of his nights barely existing He's not happy in his job but does nothing about it He desires a beautiful coworker but is too afraid to pursue her He broods over how he could have done to save his junkie brother Danny but fails to see that there really wasn't much he could have done It's not until his suddenly clean brothe

  • Brett T

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootBill Loehfelm may have been best known so far as a contributor to a book of reporting and one of fiction from post Katrina New Orleans and his debut novel Fresh Kills won the Breakthrough Novel Award for 2008 Bloodroot uses the same Staten Island location of Kills Loehfelm's hometownKevin Curran is a history instructor at a Staten Island college or less stuck in a rut in life His mother's developing Alzheimer's and his own growing professional burnout don't make anything easier One day he reunites with his brother Danny a heroin user who had dropped out of sight several years earlier Now clean Danny would like to try to make amends with Kevin and their parents But Kevin learns that clean doesn't necessarily

  • J.C.

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootCouldn't Put it Down a book reviewI just adopted a puppy so my reading time has been significantly less read none Ho

  • Leslie (That Chick That Reads)

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootOkie so lately I’d been reading thrillers and mysteries but this one is by far my favorite it has all of the elements a good thriller needs to have A good storyline unforgettable characters and last but not least some romance The storyline was very interesting throughout the entire novel I could see why certain things were written a specific way I also enjoyed a uote Danny said while speaking to his brother Kevin on page 66 “He murders because he’s afraid of the future of worlds and people he’ll never understand and never be a part of We call them terrorist because they cause terror but it oughta be because that’s all they feel” That uote literally game me chills because I feel the same way concerning terrorist Moving on to characters we have Kevin the “scardy cat” a te

  • Michelle

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootBetween 3 and 4 stars worthy of rounding up to 4 stars This is less thriller ish and emotionally gripping than the cover might indicate Bloodroot is the story of two Staten Island brothers and their troubled relationship Yes there is a heavy crime and suspense angle but it was the relationship between Kevin and Danny that drew me in and sustained the story Kevin’s constant rescuing of Danny does get a bit tiresome after awhile I found myself wanting the guy to cut his losses and be done already but this dynamic is necessary to the plot Many reviewers complained that Kevin is a hard guy to like because he is basically in a rut washed up and completely unable

  • Lauren

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootI taste like the dreams of mad children the uote an eerie preface to Leohfelm's Bloodroot And as one reads the thriller Leohfelm

  • Ismail Elshareef

    READ ó Bloodroot BloodrootKevin Curran the protagonist is a community college professor living and working in Staten Island in the Tri state area He leads a pretty inconseuential life until his long lost brother Danny shows up at his doorsteps one day after three years of complete absence Danny convinces Kevin that he finally kicked his heroin habit and that he is here to stay this time Being the forever forgiving big brother that he's always been Kevin agrees to give Danny another chance What follows is a series of events so disturbing and so twisted that they eventually pit Kevin against Danny in this thriller by Bill Loehfelm The book is definitely fast paced and as close to a page