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A “Jumper” who navigates ships through grimspace she’s used to kicking ass first and taking names later—much later Not exactly the obvious choice to sell the Conglomerate to the Ithtorians a people whose opinions of humans are as hard as their exoskeletonsAnd Ithiss Tor council meetings aren’t the only place where Ambassador Jax needs to maneuver carefully Her lover March is.

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Doubleblind[BOOKS] Doubleblind Author Ann Aguirre It’s not easy to tread lightly wearing steel toed bootsSirantha Jax isn’t known for diplomatic finesse As a “Jumper” who navigates ships through grimspace she’s used to kicking ass first and It’s not easy to tread lightly wearing steel toed bootsSirantha Jax isn’t known for diplomatic finesse As.

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Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 â [BOOKS] ⚣ Doubleblind Author Ann Aguirre – It’s not easy to tread lightly wearing steel toed bootsSirantha Jax isn’t known for diplomatic finesse As a “Jumper” who navigates ships through grimspace she’s used to kicking ass first and It’s not easy to tread lightly wearing steel tFrozen in permanent “kill” mode and his hair trigger threatens to sabotage the talks—not to mention their relationshipBut Jax won’t give up on the man or the mission With the Outskirts beleaguered by raiders pirates and the flesh eating Morgut an alliance with Ithiss Tor may be humanity’s only hopeWhich has Jax wondering why a notorious troublemaker like her was given the job.

Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 Ann Aguirre is a New York Times before she began writing full time she was a clown a clerk a voice actress and a savior of stray kittens not necessarily in that order She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband children and various pets She likes all kinds of b.

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  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindBR with my fellow junkies Shelly Jaime Because we're Jax addicts There's no hope for us at this pointHoly Fragging Mary of Anabolic GraceThis book This seriesRejoice and get the maracas out of storage because this will be a short review Yes it will No empty promises this time Cross my heart hope to die and all thatThis review will be s

  • Liz* Fashionably Late

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindActual Rating 35 Stars The reason why this series was so damn good is because Jax didn't give a rat's ass about anything She was irreverent she spoke her mind and never compromisedIn the passive role of Ambassador we're forced to see her in the middle of plots and political dealings And let me tell you the price is too high because Jax is far from being the fun unapologetic kickass character I've come to love Instead we got philosopher brown bird and white wave The plot seems to be just an excuse for a torturous love story March is not my March This guy is anywhere but here with her in

  • ֆɦɛʟʟʏ ȶɦɛ քǟȶʀօռ ֆǟɨռȶ օʄ ƈʊʀʍʊɖɢɛօռʟʏ ƈʀօռɛֆ

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindI can't even This series It slays me It speaks to my soul It's magical I can't even talk about itBUT I WILLHoly Mary of Anabolic Grace Whew Ok I will attempt to review this So this one is different from the others as they all seem to be There's not as much action but it's like a slowly unraveling mindf Jax and her lovable rag tag crew finally arrive at Ithiss Tor where everyone looks like this but they don't break out in dance move poses and aren't as cuddly as this little cutie belowJax has to play politician to try and get the Bugs to form an alliance so the Morguts won't keep attacking human outposts But it's not politics like thisIt's politics like thisI thought based on a couple of reviews that this was going to be a little boring and not as good as the first two books HELLO Not even close Yes it's different but I was still captivated almost the entire timeOk so I pretty much loved Jax in this one She really is a bad ass She wasn't kicking th

  • Orient

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindI’ve read three books in the series and now I experience some different feelings In some way I liked the series it had points that kept me hooked but not uite long enough So now I have a dilemma to read or not to read further I have to admit Ann Aguirre writes well The plot in this book is uite good attractive and uite action packed maybe less than

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindThis is an incredible addition to the series probably the best one yet Even though I loved the action in Wanderlust the relationship angst really bothered me That's why I waited a month or so before daring to read Doubleblind I'm happy to say that it brings a nice euilibrium to everything that's been grating on my nerves In Grimspace and especially in Wanderlust March seemed to suffer from multiple personality disorder He was a perfect lover Jax's punching bagdoormat and Universal Soldier all at once In Doubleblind he struggles to re

  • Catie

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindWell all I have to say is if you’ve stopped reading this series after book two Wanderlust then please give it another chance This was the best installment so far With the first two books my reviews were a bit like “I loved itexcept for” and “if it weren’t for this then I would have loved it” But this book needs no ualifiers I loved it all the way throughSirantha has just arrived on Ithiss Tor finally in an attempt to gain an alliance against the brutal gluttonous Morgut Everyone expects her to fail and they have good reason Sirantha Jax isn’t exactly known for her tact or diplomacy skills like her drinking and table dancing skills and the Ithtorians are notoriously xenophobic and insular To complicate matters March has retreated into his cold volatile mercenary persona after leading a violent rebellion to victory W


    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindWanna know what has been happening in Australian Politics this week Seriously that is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott eating a raw onion like an apple for absolutely no actual reason Tone pls Unlike that idiot my brand new spirit animal Ambassador Sirantha Jax does politics not by eating raw onions but with ruthless snark and much badassery Holy shit is that a giant crab No that's my footExcept for then Because drugs After book II I was expecting this book to be action packed kick ass hold on to your seats goodness But nope It was mostly politicking and plotting and view spoilerMarch being a fucking annoying douche hide spoiler

  • Felicia

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindI really do LOVE the world that has been built here by the author It very much feels like a Mass Effect game in a book The key to everything is the relationships and this author definitely excels in interesting character types and conflicts Jax is awesome and this book definitely matured up her impetuousness and self destruction in a real way I really enjoyedI had some issues with the ending and how it wrapped up because I felt like it came a bit from nowhere the end culprit of it all but I LOVE March and Jax and definitely loved to see their arc together I still really really enjoy the series and am 100% in for the next one

  • Robyn

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 Doubleblind35 that I'm rounding up This was a subdued Jax entry but enjoyable I like my slightly trashy sci fi what can I say I enjoyed the character development for Vel a great deal in this one I wish he wa

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    Doubleblind Characters Ø 2 DoubleblindWith Morgut attacks on space stations and planetary settlements escalating the ousted Farwan Corporation's supporters pirating space ships and the Syndicate coming out in the open to offer protection from the Mo