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Summary Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe

Free read ´ Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ ❮Download❯ ➽ Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret PowDownload Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe Author Dean I Radin Chapter BeginningThis book is about magicNot the fictional magic of Harry Potter the feigned magic of Harry Houdini or the fraudulent magic of con artists Not blue lightning bolts springing from the f Chapter BeginningThis Ancient Wisdom, eBook book is about magicNot the fictional magic of Harry Potter the feigned magic of Harry Houdini or the fraudulent magic of con artists Not blue lightning bolts springing from the fingertips aerial combat on broomsticks sleight of hand tricks or any of the other elaborations of artistic license and special effectsThis is about real magicOccultists sometimes use the Old English spelling magick to distinguish fictional and stage magic from the real deal Well use thecommon term magic to avoid unnecessary associations with the occultReal magic falls into three categories mental Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, Kindle influence Real Magic: PDF or of the physical world perception of events distant in space or time and interactions with nonphysical entities The first type Ill call force of will its associated with spell casting and other techniues meant to intentionally influence events or actions The second is divination its associated with practices such as reading Tarot cards and mirror gazing The third is theurgy from the Greek meaning god work it involves methods for evoking and communicating with spiritsUnlike books that discuss beliefs about magic from psychological or historical perspectives or that list recipes for spell casting the Magic: Ancient Wisdom, PDF goal here is to explore real magic from an evidence based scientific perspective Why a scientific approach You wouldnt know it by reading most college textbooks but theres a vast scientific literature that informs our understanding of real magic When I was in college none of my coursework mentioned anything about that literature But now after four decades of experimentally studying magic motivated by scientific curiosity and without a religious background that might have biased me to be overly sympathetic about metaphysical concepts Ive come to two conclusionsFirst theres no doubt that science is Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, Kindle the most accurate lens on reality that humanity has developed so far What weve collectively discovered about the nature of Nature over the last three or four centuries from the uantum to the cosmological is an awe inspiring testament to our creativity and imagination Technologies based on that knowledge provide proof that our discoveries are valid So when considering real magic it would be foolish to just throw away what weve already learnedBut second reality viewed through the lens of science is an exceedingly thin slice of the whole shebang Science is tightly focused on the objective measurable physical world That focus excludes the one and only thing you can ever know for sure your consciousness that inner spark of sentience that you call meWhile science as a practice has primarily concentrated on the objective world scientific methods are extremely powerful so if we wish we can redirect our lens to look inward and explore what consciousness is capable of When we do that we are startled to find whole new realms of knowledge One of the conseuences of taking this inner perspective is that the idea of magic transforms from an impossible fantasy into an aspect of Nature that we can begin to study From this stance terms such as paranormal and supernatural are seen as uaint and antediluvian similar to how modern medicine no longer needs the concept of bad humors when discussing the origins of diseaseWell explore this new realm of knowledge through two major themes First based on a substantial body of experimental evidence we can state with a high degree of confidence that real magic exists Second there are rising trends in science suggesting that what was once called magic is poised to evolve into a new scientific discipline just as medieval astrology and alchemy evolved into todays astronomy and chemistry The new discipline will be the study of the psychophysical nature of reality that mysterious interstitial space shimmering between mind and matter Understanding how this enigmatic space works in a way thats consistent with the rest of science reuires a new worldview the lens through which we understand realityAnother theme well discuss is that magic didnt miraculously disappear with the rise of the scientific worldview Magic is still intensely present Prayer is a form of intentional magic a mental act intended to affect the world in some way Wearing a sacred symbol is a form of sympathetic magic a symbolic correspondence said to transcend time and space Many religious rituals are forms of ancient ceremonial magic The abundance of popular books on the power of affirmations and positive thinking are all based on age old magical principlesFrom a conventional scientific perspective these widespread practices are considered examples of infantile magical thinking fairy tales Some scientists even use the word magic as a synonym for nonsense because it implies the scientifically appalling idea that some things just happen for no discernible or plausible cause But magic doesnt mean no cause It just means that we havent yet developed scientifically acceptable theories to explain these effects As well see there are already important hints that may lead to such theories so its best to think of real magic not as something impossibly mysterious but as a forerunner of the future of scienceMagic Is EverywhereThe possibility that magic is real can be terribly unsettling to those whod prefer that it not exist Consider A J Ayer Sir Alfred Jules Ayer a prominent British philosopher who specialized in logical positivism This is a critical philosophical position that utterly rejects any sort of metaphysical religious or magical concepts As might be expected Ayer was a hardcore atheist At age seventy seven he died Fortunately he was resuscitated and to everyones surprise he reported a near death experience NDE He described it as consisting ofrepeated attempts to cross a river and a red light exceedingly bright and also very painful responsible for the government of the universe Ayer retained his atheism but declared that the experience had slightly weakened his conviction that death will be the end of meThat Ayer reported this experience isastounding than it may seem Lifelong logical positivists are tough They dont slightly weaken their intellectual positions on anything The link between magic and Ayers NDE is theurgy the third category of magic NDEs suggest that there may be forms of disembodied awareness or spirits For many whove experienced an NDE its a virtual certainty that such spirits exist But so far theres no strictly objective way to tell if thats the only viable interpretation Well revisit this issue indetail laterAnother example of magic intruding into the mundane world involves William Friedkin the director of the movie The Exorcist Before he made his famous film Friedkin hadnt witnessed an exorcism afterward he decided to do so He spent time with Father Gabriel Amorth a Vatican exorcist His experience with Father Amorth did not overcome his prior agnosticism But after showing a video of a terrifying exorcism to three prominent neuroscientists and three psychiatrists and not getting the blithe dismissal that he expected from those experts it scare d the Hades out of himA third example is provided by historian Michael Shermer a prominent skeptic of all things paranormal In Shermers September column in Scientific American he asked Is it possible to measure supernatural or paranormal phenomena His answer was an unambiguous no Where the known meets the unknown we are tempted to inject paranormal and supernatural forces to explain unsolved mysteries We must resist the temptation because such efforts can never succeed not ev.

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Manifestation of our free will and a much deeper knowing of the natural world and of our powers on emerging reality Highly recommended Eben Alexander MD author of Proof of Heaven and co author of Living in a Mindful Universe Filled with fascinating facts and intriguing ideas Real Magic places the laboratory findings from parapsychology in the broader context of centuries of magic practices This wholly original work then points toward new understandings of reality that can no longer be ignored Jim B Tucker MD author of the New York Times bestseller Return to Life Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives Real Magic illustrates the limitations of th century science and proposes acomprehensive view that incorporates ideas that have been associated with magic throughout the ages Blending history humor and plausible hypotheses Dean Radin illustrates that there is a staggering amount of evidence for a broader view of science that offers hope for the future of humanity Jessica Utts Professor of Statistics University of California Irvine and President of the American Statistical Association Dean Radin writes about all those scientifically and experimentally proven findings that for most people are beyond imagination mysterious or even impossible This is what Radin calls magic Everybody and everything are always interrelated interacting and interconnected beyond time and space To better understand this challenging new worldview we need a new paradigm in science Highly recommended Pim van Lommel cardiologist author of Consciousness Beyond Life Knowing Dean Radins scientific work and appreciating his sense of humor I knew Id like Real Magic but after the first page I was hooked and read the whole book in a day Parapsychologists have too often gotten stuck in abstractions about psychic abilities but Radin now situates parapsychology where it belongs its about magic And magic is about humanness and our spiritual nature not just spells and love potions read enjoy learn Charles T Tart PhD Emeritus Professor of Psychology University of California Davis Emeritus Faculty Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Palo Alto CA Real Magic will be known as one of the few real paradigm changing works of science Radin builds a case supported by plenty of data as well as by theoretical ideas that are all real and can be studied Consciousness is the foundation of everything This is what makes magic so realit will be the new science A very delightful book highly recommended Menas C Kafatos co author of the New York Times bestselling You Are the Universe and Professor of Computational Physics Chapman University The real magic of Dean Radin is that he continually insists on a clear eyed fact based assessment of the accumulating data that real magic is realThe delightful easily flowing nature of his text covering complex histories of magic and high level scientific analyses is itself magical Neil Theise MD Professor of Pathology at NYU School of Medicine Dean Radin shows how even a weighty subject like the nexus of esoteric ideas and modern science can still be an entertaining easy read He teaches us here that real magic is not a regression to ancient superstition but rather an intriguing and surprisingly persuasive anticipation of future science James Fallon Professor Psychiatry Human Behavior School of Medicine University of California Irvine With scientific precision and an expanded model of consciousness based on many years of patient experimentation Real Magic explores the new frontiers of what passes for reality in our modern world of uanta entanglement and multiple dimensions Magic is the ancient source of modern science it reflects humanity s desire to control its environment and life itself With clear thought and welcome humora rare commodity in this fieldDean Radin shows that the study of magic is not only a matter of historical curiosity it also holds an important key to future knowledge of ourselves and the universe our thoughts create Jacues Vallee PhD computer scientist venture capitalist Real Magic is a philosophical and scientific milestone Dean Radin explores the history and foundations of magic proposing a worldview uniuely appropriate for the challenges of the st century This book is a brilliantly organized bridge that spans the esoteric traditions magical lore parapsychology and contemporary science Stanley Krippner Professor of Psychology Saybook UniversityWe have entered an age when simple artificial neural networks ANNs with only a few hundred neurons outperform humans inandtasks forcingandpeople out of jobs and seriously threatening our future How can a simple system of a thousand neurons outperform humans with billions of neurons and as many of us believe from inescapable experience some kind of real soul The answer is that NNs are usually designed to focus We too need to develop our own fullest ability to focus our own minds in order to keep up to connect with each other better and to survive and grow as a species I commend Dean Radin for his efforts in Real Magicto extract what many esoteric traditions from all over the world have learned through time to help us train ourselves to focus the full powers of our minds and for moving us forward like Freud and Jung on the long difficult but all important road to bring this line of inuiry into the forefront of science Paul Werbos PhD former program director of the National Science FoundationSome scientists are confident that we already know what is and is not possible But the truth is that science is very much in its infancy To advance our understanding reuires bold excursions into domains some might consider heretical including esoteric legends about magic that have persisted for thousands of years This is what Dean Radin sets out to do with Real Magic In my judgment it succeeds in blazing new trails Well worth the read Kary Mullis PhD Nobel Laureate Chemistry There is a tacit agreement in conventional science to deny ignore and remain silent about the most astonishing fact of our lives the capacity of our consciousness to shape our existence and the so called physical world This is the euivalent of blind men refusing the gift of vision In Real Magic Dean Radin challenges us to abandon this childish pretense this taboo not on the basis of faith but of science itself Our future likely depends on how we respond to the key messages in Real Magic Larry Dossey MDauthor of One Mind How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters Scientists tend to be critical of the scholars who reputedly refused to look through Galileos telescope In Real Magic Dean Radin lays out impressive evidence that there arethings in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in st century physics How will this story end Will st century physicists prove to belike Galileo orlike his opponents Peter Sturrock PhD emeritus professor of physics Stanford University and author of Late Night Thoughts About Science Radin cleverly frames yesterday ssorceryas today s edge science Must reading for would be Gandalfs and CircesNick Herbert PhD physicist author ofuantum RealityThe book Real Magic gives a fascinating insight into both the historic and modern perspectives of magical practice The modern magic that Dean Radin refers to embodies a range of psi phenomena whose occurrence is stubbornly statistically significant Their magnitude may be modest but after hundreds of thousands of high uality experiments instances of remote viewing and precognition for example are persistent outcomes that cannot be explained away by chance or poor methodology From a conventional scientific point of view these are anomalies that do not fit the existing paradigm For Dean Radin these phenomena are an inevitable conseuence of a universal consciousness that underpins the very fabric of space time itself For most of us the myriad distractions of the everyday world dull our senses but with concerted effort yoga and meditation it seems that gifted individuals might be capable of amazing things But as Radin says Magic is real but no one said its going to be fast or easyDr Steve Boreham University of Cambridg.

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Real Magic Ancient Wisdom Modern Science and a Guide to the Secret Power of the UniverseEn in principleNot even in principle is reminiscent of a uip attributed to Mark Twain It aint what you dont know that gets you into trouble Its what you know for sure that just aint so Shermer justified his confidence by citing Caltech physicist Sean Carroll because Carroll concluded that the laws of physics rule out the possibility of true psychic powers Why Because Shermer continued the particles and forces of nature dont allow us to bend spoons levitate or read minds Further according to Carrollwe know that there arent new particles or forces out there yet to be discovered that would support them Not simply because we havent found them yet but because we definitely would have found them if they had the right characteristics to give us the reuisite powersSidestepping what history teaches us about going public with such conceits Shermer nevertheless concluded with certainty that searching for paranormal or supernatural forces can never succeed With that he slammed the door shutSo far this is standard skeptical fare But the peculiar aspect of this story is that two years prior to slamming the door Shermer encouraged the exact opposite In his October column in Scientific American he opened with the following surprising admission Often I am asked if I have ever encountered something that I could not explain What my interlocutors have in mind are not bewildering enigmas such as consciousness or US foreign policy but anomalous and mystifying events that suggest the existence of the paranormal or supernatural My answer is yes now I haveHe went on to describe an event in June when he was planning to marry his fiance Jennifer Graf Her grandfather was the closest she had to a father figure but tragically he died when she was sixteen years old One of the few heirlooms she kept from her grandfather was a Philips transistor radio Shermer tried to get it to work He put in new batteries looked for loose connections and tried smacking it on a hard surface It still wouldnt work So he gave up and placed it in the back of a desk drawer in their bedroom Three months later Shermer and Graf were married at their home in California She was feeling sad that her grandfather wasnt there to give her away After the wedding ceremony something strange happened They heard music They traced it to the desk drawer in the bedroom It was the grandfathers radio playing a love songThey were stunned into silence Finally Graf whispered My grandfather is here with us Im not alone The radio continued to play that evening fell silent the next day and never worked again Shermers reaction I have to admit it rocked me back on my heels and shook my skepticism to its core As a result he wrote still reeling with aweIf we are to take seriously the scientific credo to keep an open mind and remain agnostic when the evidence is indecisive or the riddle unsolved we should not shut the doors of perception when they may be opened to us to marvel in the mysteriousWhat happened between his modest proposal calling for openness in the face of the mysterious and two years later when he slammed the door shut I cant speculate about Shermers change of heart but one thing we do know is that when one encounters a belief shattering event its not uncommon to promptly forget about it or even to deny that it ever happened Psychologists use the term repression to describe such cases As magician Peter Carroll once put it When people are presented with real magical events they somehow manage not to notice If they are forced to notice something uncontrovertibly magical they may become terrified nauseated and illShermers experience suggests that real magic is always present patiently waiting just below the calm surface of the everyday world Every so often its tentacles brush our leg causing shivers to shoot up our spine Its that electrifying uality that makes magical fiction so captivating magical stage illusions endlessly entertaining and magical fraud so easy to perpetrateThe word magic comes from the Greek word magos referring to a member of a learned and priestly class which in turn derives from the Old Persian word magush meaning to be able or to have power In the early nineteenth century the word magic also took on the connotation of entertainment delight or attraction Magic also implies exotic alien or the other This subtext is an important reason why magic is persistently alluring But that allure often manifests in the sense of watching a train wreck simultaneously attractive and repulsive Our magic which is a core facet of our religious practice is of course fascinating and perfectly acceptable But their practices are dangerous outrageous and evilIncidentally the word fascinate comes from the Latin fascinatus meaning to bewitch or enchant The words bewitch and enchant have roughly the same meaning as magic as do the words charm and glamour Magic is everywherePowerAs in ages past many people interested in real magic today are motivated by a desire to wield power power to get wealth fame love or sex All of these applications are possible and there are plenty of books videos websites and smartphone apps that provide recipes for magical rituals and spellsSome folks especially those who subscribe to an orthodox religious faith may recoil from the idea of spell casting Many traditional religions teach that magic and witchcraft are fundamentally demonic and evil But the way magic is used is completely up to the magician The power itself like any fundamental force of the universe is morally neutral Atomic fission and fusion are just aspects of the way the physical world works uestions of morality arise when we use such natural phenomena to create weaponsMagical power intended to manipulate or exploit others is called black magic Its intensely seductive because as the existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once wrote Hell is other people That is as social creatures we must depend on others who may or may not be interested in our desires and that can easily lead to personal conflicts Use of magic to resolve these conflicts egregiously violates the Golden Rule so its immoral Douthat R December Varieties of religious experience New York Times Alexander E Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeons Journey into the Afterlife Simon Schuster Douthat R December Varieties of religious experience New York Times Also Friedkin W October The Devil and Father Amorth Witnessing the Vatican Exorcist at work Vanity Fair Shermer M September Is it possible to measure supernatural or paranormal phenomena Scientific American This uote by Twain is doubly instructive Besides suggesting in Twains charming style that what everyone knows aint necessarily so theres no evidence that Twain ever wrote or spoke this uip See Shephard A It aint what you dont know that gets you in trouble which must be why The Big Short opens with a fake Mark Twain uote New Republic newrepublic minutes it aint dont know gets trouble must big short opens fake mark twain uote Shermer M September Is it possible to measure supernatural or paranormal phenomena Scientific American Shermer M October Anomalous events that can shake ones skepticism to the core Scientific American Loftus E F The reality of repressed memories American Psychologist Carroll P J Liber Null Psychonaut An Introduction to Chaos Magic Red Wheel Weiser Kindle ed From Sartres play No ExitA thought provoking bookThe author makes a convincing case for the reality and significance of magic Brian Josephson Nobel Laureate in Physics and Emeritus Professor of Physics University of Cambridge The modern scientific world is experiencing a radical shift in its understanding of our reality originating in the deep mystery of uantum physics almost a century ago and maturing through the refinement of the mind brain relationship and of the very nature of consciousness In Real Magic Dean Radin as one of the worlds leading scientific investigators of this exciting frontier reveals the detailed nature of this world changing mindscape in an arena that many will find illustrative of the true potential of this new dawn of understanding the reality of certain forms of magic as we come to a farpowerful.

Free read ´ Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom Modern Science and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe ´ eBook PDF or Kindle ePUB En tant Ancient Wisdom, eBook ´ u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Real Magic Ancient Wisdom Modern Science and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Dean I Radin auteurs dans le monde.